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Garibay Soup: Freak out panic - goals will help!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Freak out panic - goals will help!

Sometimes life just seems to fly by so fast and I feel like it's slipping through my fingers. I've finally been given the perfect opportunity to be able to work at home and raise my kids and I can't even begin to describe how thankful I am to be in a position like that. Yet, I still feel like the world is moving so fast.

Ella will be 1, Jayden will 7, I'm turning 26 and my husband just turned 27. Wow. I remember my mom being 26. Sadly, it seems like it was just yesterday and that scares the crap out of me. There's so many things that I need to do and want to do and instead right now I'd like to put my face in a pillow and scream.

I was on a great track, with a great schedule. Things were getting done and all was happy!!! I feel a little unbalanced right now, and I need to get myself and my children back on a healthy schedule. I need to have a home cooked meal on my table for my family at least 5 days/week. I need Ella to be on a set napping/eating schedule and I need to have a set working schedule. It's hard with Ella, but there's no reason that anything should feel out of control ~ and honestly it really isn't.

Lately Ella hasn't wanted me to do anything but sit on the floor and stare at her. She's a total Leo! She wants all the attention and the world needs to be centered on her ~ sometimes it's hard. However, now I finally get to see what my mom got to deal with. Yes, I too am a Leo.

I've taken time to get organized, and I'm not 110% there yet, but I will be. I think that once things are perfectly filed and organized & my spreadsheets are updated and accounts reconciled things will be okay with me. My job honestly does not take up that much time, but it does if things aren't organized the way they're supposed to be.

I'm giving myself 2 weeks to be caught up on everything in my life. I need my schedules back, I need my family to feel like a family again and I need to have SET working hours.

I think I need to start off by setting myself some daily goals. Things I MUST accomplish in my home, my family, my work & myself. Sadly, sometimes there's not enough hours in the day, but I need to start allocating my time better. I owe it to my family & myself. Tomorrow is a new day..... Here are tomorrows goals:

1) Spend 30 minutes on filing (this will probably accomplish it all)
2) Send off deposits
3) Pay all bills

In regards to my work - there's a lot to do right now, and there's a lot of ideas that I'm working on to make the business better. I'm going to work on a master list and I think this is going to help out so much!


1) Do 3 loads of laundry - 1 of which is bedding
2) Babyproof my room/office
3) Clean kitchen (since I'm too tired to do it tonight)

With Jayden:

1) In the morning work on reading workbook & 1 math sheet
2) Play board game w/him during the evening

I feel better. Getting things out in a list always makes me feel better. Tomorrow is going to be a busy day!

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