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Garibay Soup: So Needed!

Saturday, March 29, 2008

So Needed!

Every other Saturday I wake up, get in the shower and anxiously await what is ahead of me. I go and get a massage from my cousin. It's a time that's for me. No kids, no husband, no work, no phone, all there is is me. I love this time. I look forward to it and actually have considered doing it every Saturday. Honestly, I'd probably be happy even with no massage just sitting in this relaxing room catching up with my cousin. We book it for 2 hours so we have an hour of talking and then an hour of massage.... with talking.

Personal time is so important for a mom. Even if it's getting out of the house and going to a coffee shop to sit by yourself drinking coffee while reading. I think for any mom to truly be happy she NEEDS to get away. She needs time away from kids and husbands. I know there's a ton of moms out there that beg to differ with me, but if they'd give in and give it a chance they'd be amazed at how wonderful it is. Of course we're moms, wifes, ... whatever! We're still an individual and we all need time to ourselves. So if you're a mom, tell your husband "It's your turn!" Walk out the door and go somewhere for at least 2 hours! Get away and enjoy.

A Very Happy Mom Who Just Got a Massage!

ETA: My mom called to inform me that I'm a Mormon advising others to go out and drink coffee and that's not very Mormon like of me.... you know, I honestly didn't even think about this. I drink coffee and eventually will at one point in my life not drink coffee. I'm not perfect and am taking things one step at a time. Cut me some slack here :0) - I was inactive for 13 years! I just started going back to church in December and have come a long way in only 4 months ~ coffee will be tackled next.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

One step at a time Amanda, one step at a time :-)

Anyway, I completely agree that Moms need time off. My husband and I go on a weekly date, but the last month I got to go on three girl dates and it was so nice to hang out with my best friends and have girl talk for a few hours. I hadn't realized that I hadn't had any girl time since some time before the baby was born.

I think spouse time is extremely important, but girl time is fun too! :-)

March 31, 2008 at 12:24 PM  
Blogger Awesome Mom said...

I could use a massage right now! I agree that it is very important to get out of the house and associate with other females. I always feel so refreshed after a night out with my friends.

March 31, 2008 at 7:13 PM  

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