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Garibay Soup: 4 Sisters First Time Together

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

4 Sisters First Time Together

In addition to my sister Jessica coming up this weekend, we went to a BBQ at my dad's house (not her dad). History was made in this family and we actually got all the sisters together for the first time. This doesn't include Jessica. Jessica is my sister from my mom. Jessica is my sister that I grew up with.

These sisters are from my dad. These sisters I didn't grow up with. These sisters I'm just getting to know. My dad has 4 daughters with 4 different women. We have never all been together before. This was the first and my dad actually cried. Here's a couple of pictures of all of us together for the first time.

Starting on the top left it goes: Me (25 well, 26 in like 22 days) Alyssa (15 1/2) Brittney (18) on the bottom is Tiona (9 1/2) and there you have it.

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