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Garibay Soup: Holy Crazy Family Time!

Friday, April 4, 2008

Holy Crazy Family Time!

For the past few weeks it's been nothing but visiting, visiting and MORE visiting. I know I'm ignoring my blog, but I honestly have been so busy! As mentioned before we went to Sacramento for Easter. Then the day after we got back Gino's family showed up and stayed for 6 days. 2 days after they left my Grandma showed up and is still here and then today Gino's BFF Dave showed up. So in the midst of all this visiting my blog is getting ignored.

However! Here's a few updates going on in our world:

Rylie May is home and doing wonderful! She's so little and makes Ella look like a toddler. I still have no pictures, but will post some as soon as I take some.

Ella is pulling herself up onto any and everything and has even thought she could walk and fell on her face. Everyday I swear this little girl is growing more and more and not just physically, but smarter. She is one smart little cookie. The other day Gino and I were walking out the door and said "Be Back" and I swear she said in her little voice "Be Back". I thought I heard it and didn't say anything, and then Gino stops and turns around and then his aunt says, "OMG! Did you hear that?!?!" We continually tried and tried to get her to say it again, but of course nope.

Jayden just went back to school after being on spring break. It's been a hard adjustment for us all, but we're managing. One of his front teeth is loose. With every tooth he loses I feel more and more like my baby is growing up too fast. UGH - he's almost 7!!! I cannot fathom the thought that Jayden will be 7 this year.

Gino's new schedule has actually been working out for us. I've grown to love it and now they're ripping it from us. I HATE HOME DEPOT MORE THAN ANYTHING! Now he'll be working the original shift he was supposed to get. 4am-1pm.... UGH! My poor husband will now be waking up at 3:15am - and poor me will have to drag Ella out in the morning to drop off Jayden at school. We'll manage. We will manage.

I haven't gone to curves in 2 weeks. 2 fricken weeks! I have to make a promise to myself that Monday morning at 10am I will back in there. Because not only am I not going to Curves, but I'm also not eating as healthy as I was before going to Sacramento.

I know I told how I'd have my Tips back this week, but with my Grandma here they completely slipped my mind! So, I'm not going to guarantee that they'll be back on Tuesday, because we will probably be busy with fun tax stuff, but I will try my hardest!

Last, but not least - I've started back up My Book of Mormon Journey. Head over to my other blog and join me in reading the Book of Mormon. I'm only 5 chapters into it, which will take you no time at all. Even if you're not LDS, what would it hurt to read about it?? I post links to the chapters so you can read online. And I would love all comments over there with your opinions, feeling and things that will not only help me see things the way you do, but help strengthen my testimony as well as yours. I love hearing other's testimonies, because I believe that mine grows stronger.

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Blogger Becky said...

Hi Amanda, it's so difficult to keep up with everyting when you are visiting or have family and friends visiting. I bet you have been having fun. Sorry about Gino's schedule and all the adjusting. Good luck on your BOM journey.

April 7, 2008 at 9:24 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow things have been busy! But they sound funt too. :-) I will come over and check out your Book of Mormon journey - maybe I will read along with you, that would be fun. :-)

April 8, 2008 at 12:51 PM  

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