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Garibay Soup: July 2010

Monday, July 19, 2010

and days like this too shall pass

Today I sat in my car and wanted to cry.

I had to take a deep breath and tell myself that they're just kids and unfortunately sometimes this is what kids do.

Parenting is the hardest thing besides a marriage. I'm not sure which one is harder, but they're both pretty dang hard. Parenting and marriage become not hard when you choose to give up. That is something I will never do with either.

My son is probably one of the best, well behaved little boys out there. Yet today, he was completely defiant to me. Anything I told him to do he wouldn't do.... anything I told him not to do he'd do.

I am sitting here.... literally done. My brain hurts, I'm exhausted, and I want nothing more than my children to just go to bed. And my house to be magically put back together.

But the reality is they're not going to go to bed right now, I actually will have to put this house back together manually {myself}, and this is the life of a stay at home mom.  It's exhausting yet so rewarding at the same time.  Not every day is bad, and not every day is good.... but every day I am here with them and I need to remember that they need their mother to be patient with them, and I need to remember that this will pass.  The days where my biggest concern is my son pushing my daughter on the merry go round when I asked him not to will be a day I really wish I could go back to.

These days that end with me literally drained from brain to the tips of my toes are days like this.....

and the day these little beauties of mine are all grown up and moments like these have passed I will definitely wish I could go back and soak it back in.


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Just a Motivating Monday

If you're just joining in:

I LOVE inspiring things to motivate me and I thought what better of a day to read inspiration than on dreadful Mondays.  If you would like to write something you think will inspire or motivate others PLEASE link up!!  I'd love to read your words and I'm sure that other's would as well!  

I need a major dose of POSITIVITY! I am such a firm believer that our lives are what we create.  So, if this is what I believe, then why don't I always practice this?  HUMAN.  I'm completely human and sometimes I let some negativity overtake my thoughts and then in my life starts to reflect my negativity.

I'm in the middle of reading an amazing book and there was a quote from it I can't stop thinking about.

"The bad news is your past was in your hands.  But the good news is your future is in your hands as well."

I can absolutely look at my decisions from my past and see why I am where I am in my life.  I can also see where I chose wrong and that I need to NOT repeat any decisions or actions that just made my future into what I didn't want it to be like.

I do know that if we can focus our thoughts on positivity and our dreams we can achieve amazing results.  I know this, and sadly I haven't been putting my energy into this.  I need this to change, so from today forward I'm going to make it a goal of mine to watch my thoughts, make sure I'm sending out positive frequencies so I can get positive results.

Lately I haven't been reading any self improving books, which I truly believe helps shape our lives.  Today I chose to get my first Kindle book (can you believe I have had a DROID since February and haven't put the Kindle app on it yet?!?!  CRAZY!) and I chose {The Traveler's Gift by Andy Andrews}.  Probably the best decision I've made in my life in the past few months.  It's amazing what a few positive, life changing words can do to your state of mind.  If you've never read this book before I HIGHLY SUGGEST GETTING IT!

I hope that today's post will help you in some way to start being aware of your thoughts, because I truly do believe that they shape our lives.  

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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Photography... jumping back in!

With my morning sickness pretty much non-existant (insert extreme excitement dance here) I've been out with my camera! I've updated my {photography blog} with pictures from my most recent photo shoots, and I've even created a Facebook page for my photography which can find {HERE}

Here's a little peek at what I've been up to





The BIG news!!!!!

I am SOOOOO excited to announce that we will be having another GIRL!!!!  I am so excited for this on so many different levels.  Ella is going to have a SISTER!  I'm going to have my girls... we will get to all go out and get pedis and get our hair done together and go shopping together. 

I never said what I really wanted, because either way of course I'd be happy, but the fact that it's a GIRL excited me to the very core.  

The girls will outweigh the boys in the Garibay home!



Pour Your Heart Out.... she's a girl and I'm going to let her be one!

I've been having blog issues... in fact my blog has been a bit MIA ~ literally over the past couple of weeks. I finally have at least this back and am working on getting my domain garibaysoup.com back.

With that being said....

I'm making a come back with a post for Shell's awesome Pour Your Heart Out Wednesday... because I have some major pouring to do.

I have a daughter. And I've always dreamed of having a daughter. I've had dreams for my daughter forever. Maybe her dreams will be different, and that's fine, but until she realizes what her dreams are I will be fulfilling mine for her.

I've always envisioned my little girl to be a little girl, a dancer, dressed in tutus and everything like sugar and spice. I know, this just might change when she's older, but for now she's living my vision.... and she loves it. She loves to dance, she loves to dress up, she loves being a girl. Keep in mind I'm not like putting makeup on her and throwing her in pageants and being like toddlers and tiaras, but I'm letting her be A GIRL...... does she look like she's suffering in this picture?


SO.... here's where I pour it all out.

We had my in-laws stop in for a night on their way to Washington {because we are a completely awesome pit stop place to stay} and for a night on their way back home. On their way up the visit was nice.... extremely short, but whatever. Apparently spending an extra day with my kids wasn't in their plans, but the visit on their trip back SUCKED.

There's a lot of things that went on that I'm not going to get into right now, but one thing irritated the hell out of me. My husband's little sister is going to be a freshmen in high school. Since she grew up with only brothers I guess her parents found it right to put her in sports all her life. Which is FINE! However.... I AM NOT DOING THIS WITH MY DAUGHTER. I REFUSE. If she comes to me and says, "Mom, I would like to play basketball." I will support her. But I am not going to shove her in sports, and I sure as hell am not going to shove my son who doesn't want to play sports into sports.

Well, apparently I'm unreasonable to not put Ella in sports in addition to dance classes. Um.... I'm pretty sure that she's my kid. I'm pretty sure that I carried her for 9 months, pushed her out and get to make the decisions for her until she can make them for herself. And that's the privilege I GET because I AM HER MOM.

So to have people enter my home and try to argue with me about this is the most IRRITATING thing in the entire world. We are not them, we will never be them. I am pretty sure that my husband and I are raising our children the way we WANT TO, and we will accept outside opinions when you are financially, emotionally and physically supporting my children... until then, please keep your opinions on what I should do with my children TO YOURSELF!

And my daughter will NEVER NEVER NEVER play softball... I would like to make that clear to my sister in law.  So, you can put your daughter in softball, but mine will not be in softball.

Okay, that felt good.