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Garibay Soup: June 2009

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Works For Me Wednesday.... Summer Recipes!!

I love themed {Works For Me Wednesdays}.... because I have a basic guideline of what I'm supposed to be sharing, and I don't have to sit and wonder which one of my wondrous ideas I should be sharing.

Summer time makes me think of watermelon, playing outside with the radio, life in the 60's when kids stayed out ALL day long and just played played played and played.

Things now have changed, but one thing that doesn't change is the fact that salads are DELICIOUS in the summertime. My favorite salad is a recipe that every girl in my family makes... and now I can make it! It took me a while to get this cooking thing down, but this recipe is definitely an easy one, and one that even I when cooking challenged could make. The first time I ever made I took it to a potluck and everybody was raving over it. They were even eating it as a dip - which was weird, but hey... whatever works for them :)


  • Lettuce
  • Tomatoes
  • Avocados
  • Olives
  • Hamburger
  • Chili w/ Beans - I use canned, because I don't know how to make my own yet
  • Fritos
  • Mayo and ketchup mixed together to form the thousand island dressing
  • Shredded Colby-Jack Cheese
Fry up hamburger and then mix chili in w/it.

Crush Fritos

Combine all cold ingredients together

Pour hamburger/chili mixture over to melt cheese, stir and ENJOY!!



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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Open Our Mouths

It's been quite a while since I woke up early on Sunday morning to get dressed in our Sunday best. To walk into the church where my soul feels complete. Why I let it get to this point is beyond me. All it takes is a couple weeks of me not going due to traveling, or family coming into town and I start a bad habit of procrastinating my next arrival to that little brick building that resides on Clay street in Ashland.

I'm glad I decided to go today. I went with my kids and not Gino (he had a store meeting and couldn't attend with us) and my children were good, Ella went to nursery and I got to enjoy a wonderful lesson in {Relief Society}.

I'm going to share what was discussed today.....

I would like you to think about a delicious chocolate cake that you tried and you hold the recipe for this oh so perfect, moist delish dish. You don't like chocolate cake? Then think about something you just LOOOOOVE! Okay, so you hold this recipe in your hands, wouldn't you want everybody you know and love to have this recipe? Wouldn't you want to share it with them so they could taste how delcious moist and wonderful this cake really is?

That's how we feel as members of the {LDS Church}. That is why our missionaries leave their homes for 2 years and venture out into the world to share what they know to be true.... they want EVERYBODY to hear the words of God and to feel how wonderful being a part of this church really is.

I know that there are a lot of people out there who don't understand or know what Mormons believe in. There are a lot of sterotypes out there and it's sad. I've heard it all.... but the funny thing is one of those people was my husband. My husband finally sucked it up and listened to what I had to say and was shocked to learn that this church is wonderful and nothing like what he'd heard. He was baptized on October 11, 2008~ and I am so amazingly proud of the decision he made to better himself and his family.

In Relief Society we learned that we as members should open our mouths. We should tell the people that we care about and love about the gospel of Jesus Christ. This is exactly what I'm going to do. I'm starting here on my blog. I'm asking you that if you ever have a missionary from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints come to your door to know that they are very kind young men & women who are just trying to share a recipe to life that they hold dear to their hearts. Closing the door on them or being down right mean is not a good thing to do to somebody who is trying to share with you something they love. What would it hurt to take 30 minutes out of your life to listen to something that might be the answer you've been looking for? Something that warms your soul?

I don't know every thing about the church, but I do know without a doubt that it is true. I have faith, and because of faith I am able to have happiness in my life, morals I didn't hold before and I am giving my kids the best thing that they can have.... an opportunity to learn about the gospel and to gain a testimony of their own of the things they hold to be true.


Friday, June 26, 2009

Friday Favorites - MAKEOVER!!

This is Garibay Soups 3rd makeover. I have to say that this is my favorite so far. Pink and black are by far my most FAVORITE colors together, and my blog is a reflection of me.

It's Friday and I'm picking up my Friday Favorites ~

  1. I picked up Tweeting again and am LOVING it! I even got my mom, sister, husband and best friend & cousin to join in with me. It's fun having us all be connected since we're all away from each other. The internet is a great way to stay connect ~ I always wonder how the world worked w/out it.
  1. Ella now tells me if she has to go poop!!! If she has an accident in her pants she'll run to me with her big eyes and say, "Mama! Poop in pants!" ~ I hope to have her in undies for her 2nd birthday, but I'm not pushing it.
  1. We had a relaxing week! We have been running like crazy lately, and this was the first week in a while that I stayed home a lot and started to get back into some of my routines.
  1. I may have found a solution to my bloody nose problem! I know I didn't talk about it on here, but I have been waking up with bloody noses and finally went to a doctor and I am taking benedryl at night and IT'S WORKING! I actually can breathe and feel SO much better.
And sadly, but thankfully this was such a layed back week that I really don't have any more favorites to talk about. So, this just might have been the most boring post you've ever read on my blog :) Hope you at least enjoy the new makeover ;)

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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Things I love Thursday - Wildtree

Yeah, you had to know that a Wildtree post was coming sooner than later. Right now it's something that I just love. I probably will always love it, and here's why:

** This is a copy and paste from a previous post of mine This post just had all the good info **

I want to share with moms out there an amazing new food line that is ALL NATURAL! There's no preservatives, there's no MSG, there's no Dyes, fillers, no additives, made in a peanut free facility. Everything in these products are NATURAL! The company that is making this possible for us is called {Wildtree}.

I'm a work at home mom, and by the time dinner rolls around I'm cringing as I'm feeding my family junk. Sure, it's a home cooked meal, but half the stuff I used to make it contain horrible things that my family doesn't deserve to consume. However, I don't have the time to spend hours in the kitchen making things from scratch. It just isn't realistic for me.

In addition to all of the above reasons, I have a daughter with a heart condition, a son that has food aversions and reactions to certain dyes (red dye is not a good one if you have a child with ADD or ADHD.... actually any dye isn't) and a husband with high blood pressure.

Another point I really want to express here is about the Grapeseed Oil. I have always been a huge fan of Olive Oil. In my mind I was cooking with the best possible health option for my family.... nope, I was wrong. Grapeseed Oil is definitely the way to go. Wildtree offers a variet of {Grapeseed Oils} that are infused with DELICIOUS flavors. You can read all about the health benefits {HERE}.

Wildtree is opening up across the country! It's an all-natural, preservative-free direct sales company that is growing like crazy! It is direct sales/party plan, and it's the simplest party I've ever seen or done, with about 10 minutes of information and then tasting many of the wonderful samples! It's FUN and very social!

Basically there are 4 ways to be involved:

1. As a Representative - and we need you! There are just over 1000 representatives across the country at this point,
so you could be THE FIRST or one of the first in your neck of the woods!
It's $99 for the kit... and it's risk free if you eat!!

2. As a Host - just let me know when you want to earn tons of free
food products (you MUST try the grapseed oils, the Asian Ginger Plum Dressing,
and the Scampi blend first!). I can get a host packet in the mail and coach
you on how to have a GREAT party. Super easy!

3. As a Culinary Club Member - this is a wholesale buying opportunity
with specials made available monthly to you!
It's $25 for a Lifetime Membership and well worth every penny....
hey, you get 20% off of your purchases!

4. As a Customer! You will LOVE these fabulous products!
Plus, their products are taste guaranteed,
which means if you don't like something
they'll buy it back from you or you can trade it for something else!
You can't beat that..... no grocery store will give you that luxury.

See my website for placing your order or taking advantage of our representative opportunity. There is a short video to watch if you are interested in doing so!

Did you know that Whole Foods is the fastest growing chain in the U.S.? Have you noticed that many of the fast-food chains are taking the trans-fats our of their food?

Generations ago, most Americans ate natural, nutritious food they grew themselves or bought from small, local grocers.

Then large food companies were formed and sought to improve their bottom line by extending the shelf life of their products. Scientists added more and more chemicals to foods. Now we all realize that many of those additives are harmful and governments have begun to address the issue.

Smart consumers interested in the health of their families aren't waiting for government action. They are looking for better, healthier sources of foods. Look around you.... That's where Wildtree comes in! It was formed on the premise that food should not only be natural and delicious but also easy to prepare. (and QUICK!) So whether you're a gourmet cook, a wanna-be, or HATE it, Wildtree could be just what you need.

I look forward in hearing from you. My personal website for Wildtree is {www.amanda.mywildtree.com}, and all of my contact information is on the site if you have any questions. You can even sign up from there to become a rep!

I really love Wildtree. Our health is the most important thing, and I'm seeing the benefits, I've seen my husband's blood pressure drop, his weight drop, and we have not had to sacrifice taste!

Other people are talking about Things they love as well over at {Diaper Diaries}, so head over and see if someone loves something you just might want to love too!

If you want to be notified about special deals, new products, recipes that I (and other Wildtree users) have discovered be sure to follow me on {TWITTER}

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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Works for me Wednesday - Summer Learnin'

Welcome to {Works for me Wednesday}!!

Summer time is a great time for kids to start to forget all of the things that they learned throughout the year. That way when school starts back up it takes them a while to get back into the swing of things, because let's face it at the end of August Long Vowels and Short Vowels are pretty much the same thing in the mind of my 7 year old.

I found a way to see to it that this doesn't happen to my main lil' man!

Passing through my mall we have this awesome store where you can buy curriculum packets for homeschooling and a ton of other awesome educational things, and they had a stand right outside of their store with {Summer Bridge Activies} books. I stopped looked through one and was sold I bought one for my son going into 2nd grade and LOVE it!!!

It has a summer reading list, flash cards, a fitness program, things on feelings and every day there is a worksheet for them to do that keeps them brushed up on the little things. Plus there's a TON more things packed in this nifty workbook. Every day's worksheet is different, it takes them about 15-20 minutes for them to finish it up, and you don't feel like the day was a complete waste of their minds!

So, this summer this is what's working for this family, and my son even loves doing his worksheets! I highly recommend this program for the summer.

To read about what works for others head over to {We are THAT family}

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Monday, June 22, 2009

A simple, fun Family Home Evening - Makes Me Happy

Our lives lately have swirled into a little black hole where our normal lives don't exist. It's extremely frustrating when this happens, because we become accustomed to this new black hole.

I woke up today and said to myself - I AM SNAPPING OUT OF IT! I am going to get back into my housekeeping schedule, my work schedule, and Sunday I'm going to church. Well, since tonight was Monday I decided the first step in getting back to normal is to do {Family Home Evening}
Something we haven't done in a while, and something that is much needed not only in our home, but everyone's home. Please click on the link that the words Family Home Evening gave to read about it, or under my topics click on FHE.

Tonight's Family Home Evening, since being the first in while, I made it extremely simple... and fun. I made {Rich Dark Chocolate Fudge Sauce} in my adorable {Wildtree Fondue Set} and we sat around the table dipping strawberries and took turns saying.... "so and so (somebody sitting at the table) makes me happy when...." and then we say what makes us happy.

Some of Jayden's responses: "Ella makes me happy when she makes a big mess." "Ella makes me happy when she screams" I'm starting to think he didn't get it LOL... but he had some good ones in there too like, "Mama makes me happy when she hugs me."

We had laughs, the chocolate dipped strawberries were delicious and there's another Family Home Evening memory that will stick with my kids in their hearts. Another Family Home Evening that will keep us as a family strong.

My goal from here on out is to make sure that I do Family Home Evening every, single Monday - no matter how hectic the day has been. This is something my family needs, even if it's 10 minutes of sharing a few laughs, without the TV and a delicious treat.

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Sunday, June 21, 2009

A peek into my heart.... on Father's Day

Unfortunately, Father's Day was never an important day for me. I have a dad, but growing up I refused to refer to the man as that. I am now older and have tried to accept him as my father, but continuously don't feel it in my heart.

My father was 16 when I was born. That pretty much sums it up right there. He was never there, went on to conceive 3 more daughters with 3 different women. Each one I'm sure has their sob story about the man, and I still cling to mine every, single day. I want a dad. I want a dad that cares enough to call me at least once a week and see how I'm doing. I want a dad that can put me first for once... not always focus on his youngest 2 daughters. I want a dad who cares enouch about being a grandpa that he asks how they're doing, or wants to see them. I just want a dad.

I have a couple of memories that stab my heart, and I think it's time I talk about them. The first Father's Day that I spent with my father was in 2006. I was newly pregnant with Mya. We drove all the way up to where I now live just to spend Father's Day with the man. In addition to him, it was also the first time I was going to meet his 2nd daughter.. dysfunctional, unstable Britney. I know, I have hate issues.... I told you Garibay Soup is the ingredients to a dysfunctional family.... which is EXACTLY what I have.

Anyways... continuing on. I had mentioned to my dad that he could play catch or baseball or fricking something with his grandson {Jayden} that he never sees and the man actaully had the nerve to say to me, "Well, I have Tiona too... it is Father's Day." Wow..... this man is a loser.

My dad married his 4th daughter's mother who is a whopping 2 years 11 months older than me. SICK! At the wedding in the middle of the ceremony they had her come up and be a part of it and even gave her a ring.... I was his only other daughter at this wedding. I felt {AWKWARD}

His 2 youngest daughters are his everything, I am nothing. For this reason alone I have not care for Father's Day all that much. The 2 situations above are just a couple of things that have stabbed my heart.... there are many, many more, and I need to learn how to let go and be grateful that my children will never have to feel the way I have felt.

My children have a father who loves this both so much and distributes it between the two equally. They will never, ever have to feel the feelings I have felt growing up, because their dad would do anything in this world for them. I am proud to say that this man is my husband.

{Gino}, I know I tell you a lot, but I'm going to say it again....... you are a wonderful dad. You have made choices and changes that they will someday be so thanful and proud for. I just want to thank you for being a dad to my children, I couldn't have picked a better guy. You make their eyes light up, you put smiles on their faces, and it all makes my heart melt.

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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Summer Lovin'

Usually summers are not a big deal to me. I used to be stuck in a stuffy office working 8-5, and thanks to the overwhelming Sacramento traffic wouldn't make it home til close to 6. Just because summer was starting didn't mean things in our life were going to change. Jayden still would go to preschool, Gino still worked graveyard... I still only saw my family like 3 hours/day.

For the past 2 summers (this is my 3rd!!!) I have the privilege of knowing what summers are all about. I get to go on play dates at the park, do fun activities with my kids and LOVE the blessings that are included in being able to do this.

Summers also = probably less computer time. Which is FINE BY ME! I love blogging, I love Facebook (well, it's on my phone, so I won't be neglecting Facebook) and I love surfing the net, but I'm trying to not have Jayden's summer memories be of his mom hiding behind her computer. I want him to remember swimming, laughing, ice cream, lemonade stands & SUMMER! I want him to play outside and get dirty, eat worms, squish bugs.... okay, maybe I'm taking it too far - Jayden wouldn't touch any of those activites with a 10 foot pole - and I love him for it!

Happy Summer - I hope everyone including us can make some great summer memories.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


My blog has been put on the back burner with the refried beans lately. I've been spending lots of time with family. My cousin, Sydni, is up from Colorado visiting me and we've been have SO much fun! It's so amazing to see the evidence of genes in her. We are so much alike.... and the funny thing is, it's probably because we're both like her mom (my aunt).

I'm enjoying every given moment with her. At times it makes me sad that we don't live by each other.

I took her to a Shakespear play Much Ado About Nothing... and this picture I snuck of us before getting told NO PICTURES ALLOWED. She's helped me out so much with the kids, the house, my sanity. Her crafty side reminds me so much of myself, as does the things she gets frustrated at. She's such a sweet, sweet girl.

We took a trip to Yuba City where she got to spend time with her biological sister (my biological cousin) heck.... her sister, my cousin :) We both had so much fun visiting, laughing, and bonding. Here's a picture of all 3 of us girls.Jenna and I have become close over these past couple of years that she has found "us" her biological family. I know that we both consider eachother cousins.... we're family and I have grown to love her and appreciate her. She's a great friend that I can talk to you, I'm here when she's bothered or upset and listen to her. I thought that the cousin that was out there in the world somewhere would someday be a very close cousin of mine. I hope that we can continue our relationship all throughout our lives.

Sydni I am just now getting to know. She's always there, but I've never had the priveledge to get to know her and her amazing personality. She's the daughter of an aunt that is like a second mother to me. I love her mom so much, and at one point she played mom with me. I hate how she lives so far away and our kids can't grow up together. Even more than that, I just hate that we don't know each other's kids. So, this special time with Sydni was just what I think we both needed.