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Garibay Soup: October 2009

Friday, October 30, 2009

And I was like.... wooooa!

I'm a girl... and girls LOVE a good soap opera story in real life to watch unfold. Well, maybe not so much a soap opera story, but in this case.... A REAL LIFE O.M.G THERE'S A PIMP NEXT DOOR STORY!

I'm gonna back it up here for a second to last week.... I think it was last week. I drop Gino off at work and pull up to the house to sit in my car talking on the phone to my friend Kandi while Ella watched Winnie the Pooh. I figured I'd just hang out in the car, wait for her to fall asleep then drive to pick up Jayden. Well, lo and behold, Mr. Mysterious that lives next door and leaves at all hours of the night and did I mention IS OLD is at his house with his "assistant".  Next events happen quite quickly and entire time I'm in complete shock thinking I KNEW IT!!!!

- Trashy car pulls up, blonde bimbo w/tats gets out of car and walks up to house where "assistant" is standing. (Keep in mind I'm in my car, engine off & tinted windows) Trashy girl hands "assistant" a wad of money.

-Mr. Mysterious comes outside and "assistant" walks over to her car while trashy blonde bimbo w/tats goes in the house with Mr. Mysterious. "Assistant" waits outside. Then after a few minutes "assistant" walks over to house, lightly knocks and peeks in and then walks in.

-I'm giving a play by play of all actions right now to my friend Kandi and we're completely just O.M.G CRAZINESS! So the saga continues...

-"Assistant" and blond bimbo w/tats come back outside and the Mr. Mysterious follows.... CRAP! This is where I get caught. Mr. Mysterious sees me in the car... I pretend like I'm not looking and am in just a complete serious conversation on my phone. Too late... girls leave and Mr. Mysterious approaches my vehicle.

His words: I'm in a complete love triangle mess! Did you see the girls?

Me: Yes I did!
Me in my head: and I also saw the wad of cash being exchanged

So, he ends up making this total story up to make me not realize that something completely illegal is going on. So, I come to the conclusion that he is indeed a pimp.  

The story doesn't end here my friends... oh no... the saga continues tomorrow ~ and you'll find out what exactly this Mr. Mysterious really does... and I'll tell you this much it's definitely an O.M.G kind of thing!

Tomorrow's events will begin.... there was a knock on my door. (and the knock occurred TODAY!  See ya back here tomorrow for the conclusion.


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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Aloha Friday - Friday Favorites

Aloha Friday!!!! And of course my Friday Favorites.... Let's start w/the Friday Favorites:

New Blog that I LOVE: {Twin-Spiration}  LOVE IT! Kandi is an absolutely amazing girl and I love her to death, the fact that she now has a blog is AWESOME!

Ella ~ She's my best little friend. I have got to say that one of my favorite things that I want to talk about this Friday is the fact that I'm home with her. I couldn't FATHOM having to leave her with someone and go to work. Miss out on all of the fun we have together through the day. It baffles me that people actually only spend a couple of hours in the evening with their kids. That would CRUSH. MY. HEART.

Jayden ~ my little man. Oh my little man! We went to my inlaws this week and they for the firt time really got a chance to see what being a grandparent to our kids is all about. We actually left them for an entire day.... keep in mind I've NEVER left Ella for that long, but they did GREAT. My MIL told me how if Ella was out of the room that he was in he'd check on her and make sure that she's okay. He's so protective of her. I love that... and I love him.

My husband is totally awesome and this week I've seen his eyes light up and him grasp and understand my passion for my new mission in life to better our life.  I'm so excited to have him on board with me and brainstorming with me.  I really love this man.

Okay now for ALOHA FRIDAY!

What are you dreams, and what are you doing to achieve them?

Make sure you join in and answer the ?'s of many others over at  {Island Life}


700th Post - A Little Insight

This stands as lucky blog post #700.  My life has been busy lately!  Good busy though!  I have a lot on my plate, but feel so fortunate with everything going on with me.  Things in my life are changing, I'm changing and I couldn't be more excited.  Ever since I read The Secret a few years ago I swear my life has gotten better and better.  I have learned how to focus on the positive things in life and  I just continue to attract positive things to me and my family.

I know that in life I'm not always 110% positive, but I try my hardest to look at the positive i ANY situation... even situations that downright just seem gloomy.  I feel like I have tried to focus a part of my blog on positivity and helping people to realize that if we focus on negative things we will receive negative results.  I believe that if you truly believe that everything in your life will work out, it will. I am going to sit here right now and tell you that it works.  

I read something in a book that I picked up yesterday called The Power of Focus.  I have only read the first chapter and am already seeing wonderful points... one in particular struck me today. 

If you keep doing what you've always done, then you'll keep on getting what you've always got.

Stop and read that... and then reread it again.  It is probably one of the most simple but truest statements out there.  Are you happy?  Are you struggling?  You are where you are at right now, at this very moment because of choices you have made in your past.  If you are happy with where you are at, then keep doing what you're doing.  If you're not happy, and know that there is so much more that you are worth and are capable of being, then change your life now.  Decide what your dreams are that you want and start mapping out your road to achieving them.  The only way to be greater than you are now is to step out of your comfort zone and get there. 

Hope that gives you a little insight for my 700th post ~ and hope to see you back here on Monday for Just a Motivating Monday... working on something special!



Friday, October 23, 2009

Out of here... and I'm a guest blogger today

Packing my bags and getting ready to go to Californ-i-a! It'll be a fun business trip!! And in the meantime you can find me over at Eight Days a Week guest blogging for today!!

CLICK HERE to view my post. And enjoy looking around Pam's blog!!


Sunday, October 18, 2009

I can't even describe how much I love them


I have to say that this picture is probably one of the most breath taking pictures I've taken so far. And I say so far, because trust me - I plan to catch many, many more precious moments like these in these 2 crazy kids' lives.

I love how Jayden is with his little sister. I love how he's always there to help her out... and this picture just shows exactly how that is... he will always be there to help her up in life... I know it. And I love it.


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Just a Motivating Monday - Dreams

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Your Dreams

Do you dream big? So many people in this world are stuck in what I call a big, fat rut! I'm so like this myself at times, but sometimes we get to a point where we are comfortable and used to the same thing every day. What growth are we getting from this? I'm getting to this point. Everyday I wake up to the same thing.... there's no challenge, there's nothing big that I'm working towards and that will keep me in this rut.

So I'm changing this. I'm sitting down and mapping out my dreams... it doesn't matter how big your dreams are, what matters is that you have dreams. If you don't have a dream of what to work towards how in the world do you expect to ever progress in life. You can easily get lost in the every day life if there isn't something motivating you to be big.

Why are you doing what it is that you do every day of your life? Are you at a point in your life that you expected yourself to be at? If not... why? Do you have your goals and dreams in a place where you can see them every, single day? The only way that we can grow and achieve things that we want is if they are in front of us... every, single day.  Make a dream board, make a dream journal... just make sure you are seeing your dreams every day and are doing what you can to achieve them.


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Saturday, October 17, 2009

The Run Down...

Ella has developed this high pitch squealing scream when she sees anything that's little girl related. Then following that scream is her saying, "Ella!" She's explaining to us all that since that is something that she loves it is Ella's. I love that. I love the excitement that comes squealing out of her. I just am absolutely head over heels in love with this precious little girl! 

 Today it has been 2 years and 12 days since we discovered that our little precious princess has a heart problem. 2 years and 12 days since we learned that life is so precious and that horrible, sad things can happen to you, and more sadly to our children. I am so happy to say that Ella has been off of her medication for over a month now without any signs of SVT. It's scary, but it's something that her doctor really wanted to test and we're listening to him. I don't think that Gino's on the same page as me on this... in fact I don't even think I'm on the same page as myself, but for some reason I feel strongly about listening to what he says.

She is just this little bundle of smarts that I'm almost not too sure on what to do with. For a little girl just turning 2 I get a little concerned at how much she knows. How much she soaks in. I need to make sure that I am doing every thing I can to make sure that her little mind is soaking things up.... and good things! She's already interested in colors, numbers, I feel like she's going to be reading by the time she's 3. I'm extremely proud of her.

Jayden has been adjusting well with his new class. It definitely does help that it is his old teacher. I'm going to start helping him with goals so that he can feel the excitement when he accomplishes that goal.

I'm currently working on my goals that I plan to accomplish this month, this year, and for the next 5 years. I think that my plan is to sit down with him and do this with him. Have him have his goals written out just like mom and we can get excited together and for each other.

Gino and I are getting more and more excited about the new direction we are taking our life. We both feel so fortunate to have been given an amazing opportunity that will not only change our lives, but our children's lives, and children's children's lives... FOREVER.

So, life has been busy... but in such a good way!  We are in the middle of building this amazing company and I can't even begin to describe how exciting and fun our new adventure is for us.


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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I need advice on Time Management - What Works for YOU?

I am a girl that gets extremely passionate about things. For instance.... I love photography, I love accounting, I love selling Wildtree, I love my newest adventure of owning my very own international telecommunications company, I love blogging, I love Tweeting, I love digital scrapbooking, I love photo editing and my list could go on and on and on.

So what I need to figure out is how can I enjoy everything and still have time for me, my family, my husband.... there has to be a way!

I need advice today instead of giving advice. 

Do you have a million + things you love to do? How do you manage your time wisely? I think my biggest problem in the world is managing my time, and I want to know what works for others. Sorry that I'm not sharing a tip this week, but I could really use some advice.

There actually are people this week giving advice, and some great advice at that!  Just head over to {We are THAT Family} and grab a hot drink, and get ready to do some reading!!



Sunday, October 11, 2009

She Prayed... and my heart melt

I wrote a couple of minutes ago a Just a Motivating Monday on a special poem that touches my heart. There are moments in my life where something so precious, so sweet happens that I just want to stop and kiss that precious smile.

Yesterday my daughter did something that was downright PRECIOUS! The girl is only 26 months and in the middle of playing she walked over to the ottoman put her hands by her eyes, her face into the ottoman and started rambling. I heard her say princess and a couple of odd off the wall things, then she says "Amen" stands up and smiles... I said to her "Were you praying?" and she says... "YUP!" and my heart melt at that moment. And I felt like an extremely good mom, and am proud of the example that I am setting for her.

They watch everything that you ever do.... make sure that you're setting the right example.


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Just a Motivating Monday - Stop to Kiss That Precious Smile

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I did not have the best week ever... but I'm going to try to turn that around this week. I'm focusing on the positive.  I get so stressed out sometimes with work and my kids and the house and then feel like I completely suck at everything... and I know that I'm not the only one who feels this way.

I read this poem somewhere.. I have no idea who to give it credit to, so if you know who wrote it please let me know so I can credit the writer.

Dear Lord, it's such a hectic day
With little time to stop and pray
For life's been anything but calm
Since You called on me to be a mom
Running errands, matching socks
Building dreams with building blocks
Cooking, cleaning, and finding shoes
And other stuff that children lose
Gitting lids on bottled bugs
Wiping tears and giving hugs
A stack of last week's mail to read
So where's the quiet time I need?
Yet when I steal a minute, Lord
Just at the sink or ironing board
To ask the blessings of Your grace
I see then, in my small one's face
That you have blessed me
All the while
And I stop to kiss
That precious smile

I want to talk for a minute on why this poem really hits home with me.  We strive to do a million things throughout the days/weeks and we need to stop to appreciate the biggest blessings that we have received and it's the sweet faces of our babies.  I hope that this post motivates you to do something special with your children this week.  Something out of the ordinary, something that lets them and you know that they truly matter.  They truly are the reason for every single thing that we do in this life.  They are the reason you are keeping your blog, they are the reason you feel complete.  Stop, kiss that precious smile and be thankful for the stressful moments, the screaming moments, the tears and fears.... because it's all a blessing and a beautiful one at that.


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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Parenting Tips that Should Stick

Oh my.... it's seriously already Wednesday?!? Where is the time flying to? This week for my Works for Me Wednesday I'm sharing a few parenting tips.  I know, I know, it's a themed week and I'm totally going against it.  I felt in my heart that this is what I was supposed to be sharing this week, so here you have it!  They're very simple tips, but things that sometimes we might forget. They are tips that take extreme patience, which I know can be very difficult, but don't we owe it to them?

This past weekend I probably received some of the best parenting advice I'd ever gotten. I can say that Gino and I pretty much wing this parenting thing about 110%. We're just basically going off of trial and error and hoping that our kids don't end up needing therapy in the end.

With that said I wanted to share some of the advice that I had received from my dear friend:

#1: Under no circumstances should you ever, ever, ever tell a child they are bad.

#2: You should always make sure that your children know that you are NEVER mad at them... no matter what they do. Instead, when they get in trouble start out with "I'm not mad at you, I'm just mad at what you did. I could never be mad at you." This is probably my favorite advice... kids should never feel like their parents are mad at them.

#3: Instead of using the word "No" over and over and over again {like what goes on in this house} try to redirect them with positivity. For instance, if they're determined to pick something up that you don't want them to pick up just tell them they can pat it. GUYS this is working with my 2 year old! She goes around patting things that she knows she is not supposed to be picking up.

#4: If you don't want your child to have attitude and yell at you... then plain and simply don't do it to them. They act as a mirror to you, and I'm already seeing this happen with my 2 year old little girl. Think before you act, speak, blink... they're watching and they're ready to copy and throw it right back in your face!

I received an abundant amount of advice from the awesome mama of identical twin girls. But these were definitely a few of my favs! Hope that you can take this in and let it work for you and your family like I am going to do.

For other things that work for you visit Kristen over at {We Are THAT Family}.



Sunday, October 4, 2009

Just a Motivating Monday - Relaxation

If you're just joining in:
-Write a blog post about ANYTHING at all that inspires you, or something you feel will inspire others. 

-Please link back to Garibay Soup

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-I hope that we can all go and visit each other's blogs and read what everyone has linked up ~ I hope that this carnival can bring more traffic for you :) So, spread the comment love!

I have just gotta apologize for skipping out on Just a Motivating Monday last week! Things were crazy busy in such a good way around these parts that I completely could not get to it... but this is a new week, and this week we're starting this week off RIGHT!

Sometimes we don't find the time that we need for silence... our moments of sorting our thoughts, feeling the feelings in our heart that point us in the direction or path that will define our life.  These times of silence and relaxation are so important for our souls.  If we just continue to go on and on without taking a time out for ourselves

"Don't underestimate the value of Doing Nothing, of just going along, listening to all the things you can't hear, and not bothering."  ~Pooh's Little Instruction Book, inspired by A.A. Milne

We run, run, run and try to do everything in our little power to rush a million things in a day that only has so many hours. I do this EVERY, SINGLE DAY! I am going to make it a point to follow Pooh's Little Instruction Book and find time to do nothing, listen to the things that can't be heard and to find time to take a hot, hot, hot bath with candles, soft music and NOT BE BOTHERED!

I would love it if you left a comment and let me know things you do to relax.


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School Budget Cuts Effect MY FAMILY

On Thursday we received a phone call from the Principal. Never a good thing... I'm extremely happy that Gino was the one to answer the phone!  I'm sure his stomach was turning as the principal announced who he was over the phone, but then he said... he's not in trouble or anything.  And here is where some happiness and irritation begins...

At the beginning of the school year I was a bit SHOCKED at the fact that my son is in a class with 30 kids.  I am pretty sure that in the previous years he was close to 16.  Um, a kid with Sensory Processing Disorder does not focus well with 30 kids in his class.  To top this off there were 6 3rd graders in this class, because thank you to the beautiful budget cuts there just wasn't enough room for them w/the 3rd grade teachers.  *SIGH*

Okay, back to the phone call... the principal informed my husband that Jayden is going BACK to his 1st grade teacher, who we & he ABSOLUTELY LOVES!  He's not the only one, there will be a few other 2nd graders going with him.  He will still be in 2nd grade and will be in a class where a few of his friends from church are... which is a nice plus.

Downfall:  I'm a little irritated at the fact that Jayden has become comfortable with where he's at, with his classmates, with his new friend Isaiah, and we are ripping him from that and he'll be starting completely over.

I'm just really disgusted that this is what it has come to.  They're cutting budgets in places that SHOULD NOT BE CUT!  It's going to effect our children and I don't like that.

A close family friend introduced to me something called Connections Academy which seems like an amazing home schooling program.  If things get bad we just might have to venture that way... and I don't want to take him out of school, but I want him to learn.  


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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Dear Blog.. I have excellent reasons

Dear Blog,

Oh hi there! Yes, I know, tumbleweeds have been rolling around these parts, but just let me tell you......

I have had an AMAZING... A-M-A-Z-I-N-G 3 days. I have gone from being pretty dang excited about an opportunity that was presented to me from a wonderful friend, to being COMPLETELY blown away, beyond excited and looking forward to a VERY successful future.

In the midst of all of the above, yes you have been quite neglected. But here I am getting to write about one of my first experiences. I had home meetings where friends & family I loved came to support me in discovering what it was that had me just so excited! I think the best part was to watch them walk in the house with the demeanor of 'I am just here to support my friend/cousin' and watching them leaved completely blown away and thanking ME for inviting them! I loved seeing the friends that came out to support me and I appreciate each and every single one of them.

Today I attended a training that made a lot of what I am doing "click" I realized how simple this business really is. I realized that the majority of my friends and family would much rather have their telecommunications services through me than some random stranger. I learned that this is so much easier than it sounds and that I can and will succeed at it.  

Another thing that really hit home to me was that I can always have a positive mind and attitude about everything in my life.  I try to keep this demeanor about me, but sometimes a negative situation can get the best of me.... and my dear friend, Kandi told me something I already know... a little reminder didn't hurt.  ALWAYS no matter what negative situation you are in think of 3 positive things that can come out of it.  One way I do this is when I get pulled over and get a ticket (which we all know happens often) I actually always tell myself that the cop prevented a life changing accident happening to me.  We have to do things like this... we HAVE to always stay in a positive mind frame, or negativity will overtake us.

So tomorrow I am setting a goal... I am smiling even when I don't feel like it.  I am building my dream board, and I am working on my plan of success, because I'm honestly ready to rock!

P.S. I totally understand if you're interested in what I'm talking about!  You can always go {HERE} or if you're interested in ways I can SAVE YOU $$ on services that you already are using with {NO CATCH}... get in touch with me IMMEDIATELY!  Click on the contact tab at the top of the page.


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