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Garibay Soup: July 2008

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Sweet, Devil Child

It's been a few weeks since I participated in Sincerely Fro Me to You over at Kristen's fabulous blog. I decided to finally post a picture of this sweet, precious little girl. Can't you just tell by looking at her that she was just filled with sugar & spice? YEAH RIGHT! You're looking at the one and only devil child as my husband describes me in this picture. He thinks this one's bad ~ wait til I find the one of me only 2 on a rocking horse ~ CREEPY! So, there's looking into my past.

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Mean Baby!

Baby girls are SO HARD! It might have something to do with her being a Leo, but wow ~ she thinks she runs this house. Maybe I should rephrase and say SHE RUNS THIS HOUSE! If her brother has something that she wants she will fight for it. She pulls hair, hits and has even attempted to bite. I promise, she really is sweet on top of all of this, but they sure learn young don't they?


Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Busy Weekend Coming Up

We're getting more visitors!! I'm happy to say though that at least these visitors won't keep me out of church. My cousin Jenna, Ryli, Irie are coming on Friday and my aunt Ksee w/her little girl Berklee will be coming on Sunday. I'm excited for my cousin Jenna to come and see what a wonderful ward I go too.

I have a huge list of things to accomplish before everyone get here so tomorrow I will be soooooo busy!

Since I worked all day today I'm rewarding myself with some fun playing time tonight. I'm working on my neighbor's birth announcements. I LOVE designing these types of things.

I realized earlier that it's Wednesday, and I totally skipped out on Works for me Wednesday ~ maybe I'll have better luck remembering next week.

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Blowing Kisses

Today Ella looked at me, put her hand up to her mouth and blew me a kiss. My heart melted. She is so sweet. Now we just sit and blow kisses back and forth to each other.


Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Raising Awareness

Alzheimer's Disease is such a heartbreaking disease that seems to take over many people every day. I have not had to deal with this in my family yet, and I hope that I never have to. I've had friends with grandparents that have been diagnosed with this horrible disease and it breaks my heart.

Awareness needs to be made about this and what better way than the Alzheimer's Memory Walk. There are walks in over 600 communities in our nation and finding out if there is one in your area to raise awareness so that we can find a cure for this awful disease.

I personally could not imagine one day having my mom not remember who I am. Can you? Could you imagine looking into your husband or wife's eyes and having them ask you who you are? Like the movie The Notebook ~ how heart breaking.

There is a way to raise awareness, and I hope that you check out the Alzheimer's Memory Walk so that we might prevent ever having to go through this with our loved ones.

Sponsored by Alzheimer's Walk

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It's Fixed!

After 10 hours of being on the phone with Dell, my company files for Quickbooks being lost then found and many tears shed, I am happy to say that my computer is fixed. I've been using my Grandma's in the meantime, so technically it wasn't like my life crashed along with the computer. I was still able to waste all my time online and pretend like I'm working hard.

Highlights of today: I will get to take pictures of a brand new, precious baby girl.

I will post pictures up when I'm done along with her birth announcement that I'm designing.


Monday, July 28, 2008

Getting Out of Debt is IMPORTANT!

It seems that nowadays in this world of ours we are solely leaning on credit. Credit has taken over so many people's lives, and destroyed families. We learned young, and I'm so thankful that we did.

When I turned 18 my mailbox was flooded with approved credit card applications. I applied for probably every single one of them, and got approved and then went shopping. Unfortunately, Gino also lost his job, so then we lived off of our credit cards. We were a mess! Luckily, we were able to do a Debt consolidation and get our lives back on track.

Since our Debt relief we have found a new way to live, which requires much planning together and sacrifices. Our new motto is if we don't have the cash to buy it, then we can't have it. We actually have made a dream list and work towards the things that we want. We make sure that we budget our bills, our eating out, our groceries, our fun, basically anything we make sure that it's budgeted before we do it, or buy it.

There is a wonderful website that will help you with financial advice and help if you are in need of Debt help. BillIQ is a great website, and it's free. Can't beat that, right? We all love free, especially if we're in a sticky financial situation. If you're over your head they can help you to Consolidate debt , and from personal experience, it's a great way to go.
Sponsored by Bills.com

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Family Home Evening - Extended Families

It's a beautiful Monday. Church yesterday was very inspiring and the lessons that were taught had me really thinking. We're going to try to get back into the swing of things and start back up Family Home Evening. For this week I was thinking about reaching out to our families that live so far away. The families that don't have internet access. The families that have no idea about our family.

We're going to work on a family letter and Jayden will draw pictures and we'll print out pictures and get ready to send them off. It'll be a fun little family project.

For our lesson we're going to talk about the importance of family and our extended families. Jayden is starting to understand these things, so I think it's important to discuss it. I'm going to work on a family tree with pictures. Something that would be fun ~ we can build it up to who's still alive. On my side we still have 5 generations. It'll be a fun lesson & project.

For our treat we're going to do ice cream.

For more information on Family Home Evening CLICK HERE. It is such a wonderful way to build a strong, loving home.

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Friday, July 25, 2008

Happy Birthday, Mitch

20 years ago today my baby brother was born. I miss him so much and wish that I could spend this day with him. I hope that his day was filled with happiness as that's how our birthdays are supposed to be. Through it all, Mitch, I've always loved you more than you know. Happy Birthday, baby brother.

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The breakdown of My Day

My birthday was wonderful. It started out with a party with my friends from church. It was much fun and I had probably the best cake I'd ever eaten before. It's called 'Better than sex cake' yeah... pretty darn good.

Then my friend Emily and I took our babies to Lithia Park to play with my camera. We got AMAZING shots and it got me beyond excited. I can't wait to learn about the true potential this thing has inside of it. Here's a couple of pictures I took. I think Emily is going to let me do their family pictures. I can't wait!

After I parted my ways with Emily I headed over to pick up Jayden from his camp and then went out to pizza with my dad, Lili (his wife), Alyssa, Tiona & Rocky (Lili's brother). Amazingly, I had a lot of fun! Afterwards, Gino finally got off of work and came over to my dad for cake. Then I took the girls home with me for a sleepover.

Great day huh? There's more!

First off Gino surprised me with Diamond earrings. They're beautiful and I can't believe what a wonderful husband I have.

The topper on the whole day ~

my wonderful friend Jen got me a gift certificate to a day spa in Ashland. I have NEVER been to a day spa and have always wanted to go to one. Jen ~ thank you from the bottom of my heart. You are an amazing friend and you made my day! And the flowers are beautiful no matter what you say :)

So, here's to another great year!

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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Happy Early Birthday to ME!

Today I got spoiled. I got 2 things that I've been wanting for a really, really long time! First thing I got was a Canon EOS Rebel XSI 450D camera. OMGoodness!!!!! I have always wanted a really nice camera, and now I have one! I have no idea about anything about it, but I learn quick. I'm going to be reading through the manual and I'm planning on taking a class on digital photography. So, now everyone gets to read about my fun times with my new hobby in the making - PHOTOGRAPHY!!

The topper on the cake.... I got an Epson 1400 printer. I can now print out my 12x12 layouts. I can't wait to hook it up and print out a layout and see how they really look printed out. I'm refraining myself from doing this until I clean up my kitchen. I know once I open that box it's all over.

It gets even better...... what makes me happier than anything??? Olive Garden!

We celebrated my birthday today, because Gino is working 10am-7pm tomorrow. It's a crappy schedule to work on my birthday :(

My friends at church are throwing a birthday party for me tomorrow, so that will make my day!! I might even bring my camera and get some good pics of my new friends and I. I love those girls so much! I am so lucky to live in such a wonderful ward.

After the party I'm going to take the kids to Lithia Park and take pictures.

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White Noise

When the first White Noise movie came out I watched it with my brother. We were scared to death! That is one of the scariest movies I've ever seen. The idea of the whole thing scares me. I don't like thinking that spirits can try to communicate with us through air ways, while it's kinda neat, it's scary.

Yesterday I was on the phone w/Dell for HOURS and while I was in my room I heard some talking. It sounded like people talking on a walkie talkie. At first I thought ~ is there cops or something in my house? So I walk out of my room and hear that it's coming from Jayden's room. I walk in and it stops. I looked around and couldn't find anything that this noise could come from.

Last night I get in bed and I'm laying there when all of a sudden I hear it again. My heart dropped and I said, "Gino, it's happening!" I had told him about it earlier. He gets up and goes into Jayden's room to find that it's coming through his TV. He said it sounded like Spanish and he turned off his TV.

First off, I didn't know Jayden's TV was even on. It was just a black screen, so that makes no sense to me. Secondly, that scared the CRAP OUT OF ME! Gino got back in bed and said, "Amanda, don't even think about it. It's not what you think."

Hmmm.... it's not? How does he know. He came up with the conclusion that Jayden just has this amazing TV (thanks, Disney!) that can pick up conversations maybe on a CB radio. Then he decided that maybe it's the Mexicans making their drug deals. Okay, so he watched Bank Job last night, and I'm thinking he got that idea from that movie. I'm still stuck on my original idea.

Is Gino's Spanish speaking, Mexican ancestors trying to get through to him?? I'm a little scared here. I'm tempted to go upstairs and turn on the TV and see if anything happens, but I'm too chicken. White Noise scared me to death, I bet I'd actually die of a heart attack if that really happened to me.


A little of this and that

My computer is on the outs. It all started with that minor little printing problem, which turned into a total between 2 days of 6 hours on the phone with Dell and a laptop with nothing on it. Luckily, I went and bought an external hard drive and put everything that's needed on it. I went and picked up my Grandma's laptop and now I'm back to work.

I anticipate another few hours with Dell today, and if they don't fix it I'm demanding a new computer. That's what warranty is all about, right?

Changing subject here:

Last night I was going to go to the first book club meeting at our church and was sadly EXTREMELY excited about it. However, we're at the store and Ella throws up all over herself. I feel her head and I swore she was burning up. So, we're off to buying pedialyte and pediapops and stuff to make her feel better ~ preparing for the flu. So, I call Miss Amy Hill and let her know that I will not be showing up and we're off to home to deal with a sick baby. So, we get home and guess what ~ no fever and she's not sick. Lovely.

New subject again............:

My birthday is on Thursday!!!! And I'm getting a new camera!! I'm going to pick it out today and I'm just not sure yet what I want to do. I could either go with a Nikon or a Canon Rebel. Right down the street from my house is a camera shop and I'm going to go and have him explain them to me today. Pretty soon you'll see beautiful pictures of my babies (not that you haven't already LOL)

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Saturday, July 19, 2008


I'm not happy. Today I'm not happy AT ALL! I got my hair done yesterday and this is something that I'd been waiting to do for a while. Unfortunately it turned out NOTHING like I expected and have to decide whether I call the girl who did it and have her fix it, or do I go to another salon? I'm so upset over this.

I don't let people do my hair ~ I have 1 girl, in Sac and she does a PERFECT job, and it's really hard to let anybody else touch my hair. Every time I get my hair done else where it's a disaster (Ksee if you're reading this I loved the job you did). My hair looks yellow w/roots ~ Ewwww. I just want to cry.

Then, to top things off, I have SO much work to do and now my computer decides that it can't communicate with my printer. WTF?!?!?!? I feel like jumping up and down and cussing and throwing things. This day is so stupid.

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Friday, July 18, 2008

In 1 month she'll be 1

It's been decided. We are having Ella's 1st Birthday party in Sacramento. The hotel that we always stay at when we come to visit has a big pool and convention rooms that they are going to let us use. So, the party will be inside for all the cake, presents & fun stuff and then when it's all over we will be having a pool party!!

We'll be having a couple of small parties in Oregon. One with the Hurd family at a pizza parlor, and then I was thinking of having a small little party for my friends at Lithia Park. Something small, but fun for Ella.

But I CAN'T WAIT TO GO TO SACRAMENTO!!!! I miss everyone so much and I can't wait for everyone who hasn't met Ella yet to finally meet her. I'm going to start making her invitations this week and get them mailed out.


Thursday, July 17, 2008

My Sweet Boy

I sometimes wonder how my beautiful little boy has become so polite. He's so different from other children, especially boys. He's polite, he has manners, he truly cares for others. I was in the gas station yesterday, and he told Brittney to call and check on me because I'd been in there too long. What 6 year old thinks of things like that? He holds open doors for me and says "Ladies first." He loves to have me wait in the car so he can open up my car door.

The main thing that gets me is how he's such a sucker for his baby sister. He loves that girl so much, and strives to be the best big brother that he can be. How did I get so lucky?!?! He's such a blessing to us and I want him to know how thankful and happy we are that he's our son.

I feel bad sometimes, because I'm not the most patient parent out there. I'm not going to lie and say our lives are picture perfect and we have no faults. I love my children, but sometimes I want to run to the hills screaming. I feel bad for all the times that Jayden has gotten on my nerves. He's so sweet and I need to work on having more patience with him. I need to do more one on one things with him. I always said that just because we were having another baby I would never be too consumed by her, but I feel like that's happened.

Parenting is so hard. Even the good parents out there struggle, and we never feel like we're doing enough. Sadly, I don't think we ever will feel like we do enough.

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My Perfect Marriage

My aqua aerobics teacher said something last night that I loved. She said her marriage is perfect. Sometimes it's perfectly wonderful and sometimes it's perfectly horrible, but it's always perfect.

I love it! That sums up my marriage perfectly ;)


Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Memory Keeper's Daughter

I finally had to jolt myself out of this Twilight obsession and start a new book. Many people seem to love The Memory Keeper's Daughter so bought it. I started it and am enjoying it so far. I'm a little sad though that I'm moving on from Twilight ~ it's a sick obsession. I really hope this is a good book. Stay tuned for a review when I'm done.


Did she really say deodorant on her boobs?!?! Yes I DID!

It's Works for Me Wednesday!! I'm gonna share a tip that can come off as a little gross, but it's what works for me... DAILY! This heat is killing me ~ I cannot stand being sweaty. It DRIVES ME CRAZY! What's worse is I have these boobs on me that are huge compared to what I'm used to. I wasn't that small before, but ever since my pregnancy with Ella, I'm big - and big means SWEATY!

I told you this was gross, so if you're offended then I guess I just lost you as a reader, but if you're a woman, and a woman with boobs then I'm assuming that you're still reading. When I am going through my morning routine I grab my deodorant and put it on my underarms, then I put it under my boobs and in between. Waaalaaa no sweaty boobs.

There's a lot of other great tips going on over at Shannon's blog.

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Monday, July 14, 2008

Happy Birthday, Jessie

Yesterday was my sister Jessica's 21st birthday. I'm sad that I didn't get to be there with her to celebrate and just wanted to talk about her for a minute.

Jessica and I have lived quite a different life. A life in which we were separated for many years, yet we've remained so closer through it all. I moved away a year ago and I miss her like crazy. She's one of my best friends and I'm truly sad that our babies will not be growing up together.

Jessica always knows what I'm thinking, what to say, and I can tell her anything AT ALL. I love it. I love having such a wonderful sister, with true, honest, and helpful advice. She tells it how it is and I wouldn't want it any other way.

I'm proud of the mommy that she's become and the life she's making for herself. Going to school can be challenging, but she's doing it and I couldn't be prouder.

Jessica, I love you and I hope your birthday was a wonderful one ~ I'm so sorry that I couldn't be there. Happy Birthday, baby sister.

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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Beautiful Peace

Today really was so wonderful. I talk a lot about my favorite thing about living here and it's Lithia Park. It's beautiful. It makes me happy. Tonight we packed a dinner picnic and headed up to Lithia Park but drove even higher than the park area and found a beautiful duck pond with a perfect, shady, grassy area. We parked and set up our little picnic area on the grass and ate dinner in beauty.

I'm not gonna lie. The entire time I was sitting on my blanket on the grass thinking, 'Man, I wish I would've been in this exact spot reading the Twilight Saga Series.' Yes, I know, obsessed.

Anyways.... it was great. Nothing but us, nature, and happiness. I think we should eat dinner there every night.


Saturday, July 12, 2008

Praying for the solution

I have been pretty stressed out lately. I can't exactly pin point what it is that stressing me out, but I think I have a pretty good idea now. I work for my grandparents. The work that I do for my grandma creates no stresses for me at all. It's petty work compared to what I'm used to. However, the one small little fraction I have from my grandpa is the reason why I struggle to breathe sometimes. He's so up and down and all around and it's driving me CRAZY!

Last night as I was in bed I was so irritated and I was talking to Gino about his crazy new idea that actually hurts my feelings, and Gino actually told me to pray about it. What? Back up. Did my husband really just tell me to pray about it? That's kinda huge. Gino doesn't talk like that. So I did. I prayed about it and I think I know what I'm supposed to do. I feel better today.

On another note, for the past couple days it's just been us. The in-laws are gone, and we've just taken these couple days to try to get things back on track. Home cooked meals, back to the YMCA for our aqua aerobics, watching movies together ~ just being our little family. It feels so good.

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Friday, July 11, 2008

Professional Pictures - FINALLY!

I finally got professional pictures done and I am SO PLEASED! I get to go and pick them up today and I can't wait to get them up on my walls. I hope you enjoy looking ~ the other boy is Vani and he's my adorable nephew!! I'm sad that Alana, my niece, wasn't in the pictures, but someday we'll get all the cousins together for a picture.

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She's Walking Now - Full on :(

This past week Ella has mastered walking and broke through another tooth. So, now she has 4 on top and 3 on the bottom. She's walking all over the house and it's so weird looking! She really is a short little baby, so it just doesn't look normal. She feels quite proud of herself that she can do what we all can do.


Thursday, July 10, 2008

Twilight Saga - Eclipse

I finished Eclipse. I must admit that I'm devastated. I'm utterly devastated that I have to wait until August 2nd for Breaking Dawn to come out. I wonder how much longer after that until Midnight Sun comes out.

I think I can say that Eclipse, the 3rd book in the Twilight Saga is by far my favorite. I loved all of them, but I really loved Eclipse. I'm not going to give any spoilers, but I just have to say you definitely won't be let down. If you have jumped on the Twilight Saga wagon I suggest you get on it quick.

I didn't think I'd like these books and neither did any of my friends, but we all were never let down. Stephenie Myer is a genius and I look forward to any other books she has in store for us.


Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Itchy Poison Oak Solution

My Mother in law is in town visiting and I thought I'd ask her for some quirky thing that works for her and she told me something I never knew. If you have Poison Oak or Poison Ivy you can take white shoe polish (you know, the one w/the sponge) and dab it on it. No more itch! I kinda wanna go roll around in some poison oak now to see if it really works.... just kidding. OH! Actually, my aunt just called me today and told me she had poison oak - so I'll have to call her and see how well this works.

I thought this would be a good idea to share this idea of her's since it is camping season.

So, this works for my mother-in-law and for other things that work for other's head over to Shannon's blog.


Another Shocking Science Discovery

Honestly, I really don't know too much about Stem Cell Research and all of what it entails, but I do know that they talk a lot about how it can cure diseases. I have heard that it is a very debatable subject with people, and I'm not too sure as to why, since I don't really have much knowledge on it to begin with.

I have been given an opportunity to talk about something I've never heard of. They're saying that there are vital stem cells that are actually in women's menstrual blood. Gross, I know, but who would've thought that there really was a reason for that fun little monthly visitor that us girls have come to love so much.

I think that I feel fortunate that I live in a time where medicine gets to be smarter and smarter and finding things within our own bodies to cure things going wrong with our bodies is amazing. Something that was always right in front of us that was failed to be seen.

If you're interested in seeing what this is all about you could always go and read Celle Client Testimonial and see how it has worked for others.

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Tackle It Tuesday - Self Reflection

It's Tackle It Tuesday ~ and I'm kinda sad. We've had company in and out for the past week and I feel like my world is spinning slowly out of control. I haven't been able to tackle anything in my house, because I don't see the point. I have so many bodies here and it makes it difficult. So, what I've tackled is reading. I've been reading the Twilight Saga and I've loved it. Read my review about it HERE.

I don't take time to myself much, and I've actually tackled that this week. I've found ways with in-laws here to have them watch over my baby and I've found ways to reflect on things in my head, read books for enjoyment, spend time viewing other friend's blogs and myspace profiles. I've worked on organizing my work ~ something that is an ongoing process and I've not even looked at my laundry.

So, while I haven't tackled anything.... I've come to terms inside my soul with things I've hidden away. I've faced some things inside my heart that have had a veil over them. While I'm sad that I've finally come to terms with some things, I'm happy that I am here, breathing, with a beautiful family that loves me and a beautiful family that I love. Everyday on this earth is beautiful and I'm happy. I really, truly am happy.

Housework has not been tackled, but self reflection has.

Have you tackled something this week? Do you want some ideas on things you could tackle? Then head over to 5minutesformom.com

Next week I'm hoping to have tackled the following:

At least laundry 1/2 way done ~ before picture is not pretty see, but I will post it next week.

I'm hoping to update my BOM blog w/at least 1 entry

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Just Rude!

I think it's only right that if you're in someone's home and they're watching something that they watch everyday that you leave the TV alone. My whole morning was ruined and I'm going to rant about it right now.

I watch Regis & Kelly in the mornings and I absolutely love them. I then follow that by The View. It's how my morning starts and I feel like my day is scattered if it isn't started this way. Yes, I know, I'm odd.

Unfortunately, there are people in this world that think it's okay to just turn the channel. Not only do they change the channel, but they change it to something that I DESPISE. Sportscenter. I love sports, but Gino overdid the whole Sportscenter thing, and it's a rule that it isn't allowed to be on in the mornings. So, this wonderful visitor at my house had the audacity to turn what I was watching to Sportscenter. I was furious. Fuming inside with hate, and hate is bad. Very bad. Yet, I took a deep breath and said, "I was watching that, and besides Sportscenter isn't allowed on in the mornings in my home." I was ignored.

I then went upstairs and started working - and I watched Kelly & Regis & The View in my room/office.

I think it was rude. I'm not happy about it. Okay, I feel better now that it's aired on my blog for the whole world to see. Not that the whole world comes here to read, and hopefully my father-in-law doesn't, because I guess that wouldn't be a good thing. We'd have World War IV in the family and I guess that would suck.... or would it? Evil grin placed here.

Okay... I'm done. Thanks for listening.

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I'm a Nerd.... go ahead and laugh at me

Glasses nowadays are getting cuter and cuter!! I love the different frames that are out there. Sometimes I'm kinda sad that I don't have to wear them. I know, I'm a nerd. But sometimes I want to look sophisticated and cute like all those other girls. Maybe I should just buy a pair for play. Yes, I know, nerd.

However, if you need some glasses and are looking for lots of cute, stylish frames, then you should be heading over to zennioptical.com to check out what they have to offer. They deals that start at $8.00! That's hardly anything at all. I especially LOVE these frames right here.


Monday, July 7, 2008

Young Love

The talk that us moms love to have with our sons begins a little something like this........

"You're going to meet the girl of your dreams one day, and you're gonna treat her like a princess right?"

This was my son's reply..........

"Yeah, mom, and I can have babies."

"Um, Yeah Jayden, but after you get married."

"Mom, how about with Alexis? She's my girl."

"Of course, Jayden."

and then I look back and he's staring into the air and says, "ahhh, she's so dreamy."

Do you think it's too early to have 'the talk'? I'm getting a little worried here with how in love he is with this girl.


Sunday, July 6, 2008

I opened up a book one day not expecting what was going to happen to me. Something about this book wrapped my emotions all up in a ball and threw them all over the place. I fell in love with characters and more than usual. I love books, and I always fall in love with the characters, but I've never been obsessed. I've found an obsession and it almost scares me.

The love that is between Bella Swan and Edward Cullen is unthinkable. There's something about the way that Stephenie Meyer builds these characters up to captivate your soul that is utterly breathtaking. I can't even begin to explain the way I have fallen in love with the Twilight series. I haven't even finished book 3, Eclipse, yet and am almost afraid to. The fourth book Breaking Dawn doesn't come out until August 2nd and I shutter to even imagine what I'm supposed to do after that. At least I know that I'll have something to look forward. Stephenie Meyer is rewriting Twilight through the eyes of Edward..... simply genius.

If you are looking for a story that will literally leave you yearning for more and more then I HIGHLY suggest you start reading the Twilight series. I don't think you'll be let down and if you are ~ I'm shocked.


Saturday, July 5, 2008


I wake up in the mornings and I roll over to see Ella standing in her crib grinning at me with the most amazing smile. It's a smile that holds my heart in its hands and melts it into a pile of love. Jayden stretches and wakes up and tells me "Good morning, Mommy. How was your sleep? Did you have good dreams?"

The above is why I have faith. Why I believe that there is a wonderful God that loves his children very much. I cannot understand or even begin to comprehend how everything in this world could exist without such a wonderful God. How can you explain love? How can you explain pain? How can you explain life?

Everyone in this world is definitely entitled to their own opinions, and I'm not in any way saying that what they believe is wrong, but I what I believe is what I believe is the truth. It's the only thing that makes sense to me. It's the only explanation for what this life is really about. It's the only thing that gives me hope that there is a purpose to life. That my love for my children isn't the product of some random theory, yet that it's a product of faith in a plan that never ends. A plan of eternity with the ones I love so much.

How can anything else make sense? How can you explain our souls with a theory on science? How can you explain the love you hold inside? How can you not believe in a Father in Heaven that loves you so much and has designed a beautiful plan for you?

My testimony grows stronger and stronger everyday. There's so much in this life that strengthens it, and amazingly even the lack of other's faith strengthens it to levels I never knew existed.


Thursday, July 3, 2008

Sinerely Fro Me To You - May I Please

When Ella was a newborn we always knew when she was going to wake up. She'd raise her hand to announce it to everyone, or was it that she was asking permission? In the above picture she was only 1 month old. I always loved this little quirky thing she did, but sadly once she went into the hospital with her heart problem it stopped. The memories of all the cute things they do are priceless.

Kristen over at We are THAT Family has many more Sincerely Fro Me to You stories to read.

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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

I miss her

The past couple of days I've been thinking a lot about Mya. Jayden got 2 balloons yesterday at dinner and he sent them both up to heaven. One for Mya and the other for Mr. & Mrs. Fishy. His fish died from being sucked up the filter. It was ironic that he did that, because I was thinking earlier that day about the day I found out her heart was no longer beating. I remember the awful drive home, alone, from the doctor's office. Having to be stuck in the horrible traffic crying. I remember my mom pulling up to my house as I did. Walking over to her and her hugging me and me just sobbing. I remember walking into the house and Gino making tacos, one of the things I craved the most. I remember the shirt I was wearing. I remember the pain in my heart. I swear I felt her presence recently. I don't know if it was her or the Holy Ghost comforting me, but something was with me and it made me actually stop and close my eyes and grasp on to that feeling.

I miss her. I have accepted that she's gone, why she's gone, but I miss her.


Are you having anymore?

I get this question a lot. Probably at least once a week from some random person. They ask, are you having anymore kids? Or are you done since you have a girl and a boy. I truly do feel blessed that I have a girl and a boy and can be done if that's what we wish for. I've even been told that I should get my tubes tied, which honestly I don't believe is anyone's business. However, here's my issue....

I love my sister. I love that I have a sister. I couldn't imagine not having my sister in my life and I've really thought a lot about this after she came up to visit this weekend. I can't guarantee that if I ever did decide to have another kid it would be a girl, but I don't like the idea of Ella not having a sister. So, I have no intentions of having anymore kids anytime soon (Ella needs 6 years of quality time like Jayden got), but I don't like the idea of never having anymore kids ever again. Yet, I feel like my family is complete. I guess what's meant to be in life will be. I just think it would be sad if Ella never got the chance to have a sister.

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We moved to Oregon a year and 3 months ago. When we had first moved here there was one time that we went to Lithia Park and was letting Jayden play. I was still pregnant with Ella. There was this girl there that we were talking with and she seemed like a really cool girl! Her husband was out of town in Las Vegas and she was there with her 3 kids. She talked about how she lived above this dentist office in a loft. That caught my attention, because I always thought living in a loft would be really cool!

We ended up going our separate ways and I was kindof sad that I never got her phone number. She seemed like the type of girl I would really get along with. Especially since I had just moved here and really had no friends.

Tonight we went to the YMCA to our Aqua Aerobics and when we walked in a friend from church was in the pool. Her name is Sandy. She was playing with her kids and we told her about how we were getting ready to do the class. She waited until her husband came down to watch the kids then she joined us. I asked her if she lived close by and she told us that she lived in a loft above a dentist's office. I told her about how this one girl one time told us about living in a loft and it sounded really cool.

Well, the class ended and I get out of the pool and Gino tells me, "Sandy is that girl! The girl from Lithia park." I looked at him like he was crazy. There was no way that the girl I really wanted to be friends with was a friend of mine. NO WAY! I finally walked over to Sandy and asked if she used to have her hair this way and did her husband go to Vegas last year, and sure enough... Sandy is her.

How cool is that?

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Smell goods in my house

My sister walked into my house this past weekend and one of the first comments she made was how she wished that her house smelt as good as mine. I love to have a home that smells good. I've tried so many different smell goods and most of the time nobody notices, or they smell horrible. Neither thing is a good thing. Then I tried a new product called Renuzit Tri Scents and it transformed my home. It's hard sometimes when you have a baby and diapers and all the lovely smells that babies can make in your home. Sure, they're cute and can smell pretty, but that only goes so far to be honest. Renuzit Tri Scents helps out with covering the smells that you just don't want others smelling. I know, I know, I should just not be lazy and take the diapers out to the dumpster, but come on.... if you know me, you know that ain't happening. They'll go right in the garbage and they'll stay there until my husband decides to take out the garbage.

I first started out by putting it right next to my garbage can and it did amazing things, people. Things I didn't know things could do! Thank you TriScents! Thank you! Next was in my living room and after all the many compliments I put one upstairs and one in my bathroom as well. It makes things smell so delicious! If you head over to http://www.triscents.com, you can print out a coupon and get your home smelling as good as mine does.

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4 Sisters First Time Together

In addition to my sister Jessica coming up this weekend, we went to a BBQ at my dad's house (not her dad). History was made in this family and we actually got all the sisters together for the first time. This doesn't include Jessica. Jessica is my sister from my mom. Jessica is my sister that I grew up with.

These sisters are from my dad. These sisters I didn't grow up with. These sisters I'm just getting to know. My dad has 4 daughters with 4 different women. We have never all been together before. This was the first and my dad actually cried. Here's a couple of pictures of all of us together for the first time.

Starting on the top left it goes: Me (25 well, 26 in like 22 days) Alyssa (15 1/2) Brittney (18) on the bottom is Tiona (9 1/2) and there you have it.

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My Sister Weekend

This past weekend was wonderful. My sister came up to visit me for the first time since I left Sacramento. We had so much fun! We took the kids to get their pictures taken and I can't wait to get them back! They turned out soooooo good! It makes me so sad that the cousins, including Mitch's baby girl Alana can't grow up together. Vani was so cute this weekend. He has such an independent personality and it's amazing how each and every child is so different!!! I love that little boy so much and am sad that I'm not in his life the way Jess & Mitch were in Jayden's life. I feel so bad that they don't get a chance to be in Ella's life the way that they were in Jayden's. However, we have to be happy and we weren't happy in Sac.

Vani did so many cute things! The first night he got here, Jayden had wrapped himself in a blanket and ended up falling asleep. When Jess went out to get their stuff they had their pillows. Vani ripped the pillow away from Jessica and threw it on the floor. Then he went over to Jayden and lifted up the blanket from over his head and yelled "Hey!" and then pointed to the pillow. It was so sweet. He just wanted his big cousin to sleep on a pillow. Jess and I almost cried over the situation.

Another cute thing that Vani did was we went out to breakfast and Ella was in her car seat sleeping. She was on the floor next to him. After he ate his breakfast he wanted her to eat so he kept trying to give her eggs. It was sweet! It also resulted in him throwing eggs on her.

Hopefully we can all get together more often. It's so important for our kids to know each other. And for us all to know our nieces and nephews.

Here's a couple pictures of our fun weekend together.

Jess & Me

Jayden pushing Vani through the mall

Me & Jess

Ella w/her auntie & Geo

Awww they love their auntie!

Here's all of us at Lithia Park

Jayden & Vani had so much fun together!

Ella loving bread sticks at Olive Garden

Vani with Popito (My Grandma's dog)

Jess, My Grandma & Vani (First time my Grandma met her Great-Grandson)

This picture shows all their personalities ~ you just gotta know them!

Blurry but so cute!

This is one of my favorite pictures of Ella

Ella & her Auntie

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