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Garibay Soup: October 2008

Thursday, October 30, 2008

My Baby Boy is Sick :(

Well, it's finally hit Jayden. My poor little guy was complaining of a tummy ache and I knew right then that my little guy was sick! He's had the throw ups all night. Knowing how horrible it feels I feel so bad for him.

He missed out on the ward Halloween Party last night. I'd been looking forward to that party for a couple of weeks now :( I'm so sad that we had to miss it.

Hopefully Jayden's feeling better tomorrow for trick or treating. My poor little guy.

I'm feeling better. My tummy is still a little icky, but nothing compared to how I felt yesterday. Yesterday was just down right HORRIBLE.


Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Spoke Too Soon!

I have the flu horribly today. It was so bad this morning that Jayden didn't even get to go to school, because I couldn't drive him. Tonight is the Halloween carnival at church and I'm so upset that I'm not going to get to go.

This sucks!

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Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Ella's new thing ~ haven't caught it on video yet, but I will and when I do I'll upload it. She points at you and says, "DON'T!"

I find it cute right now. I know it's only because she's 14 months old, and when she does this when she's older I won't find it too cute, but for now I find it very cute!

Today we were at a play date at the mall and this little stinker kept leaving the mall play area. There was a man that was sitting by the exit, and she'd walk over there, look at the man, yell don't at him, and then take off into the mall. She'd walk w/her head down and slyly look behind her to see if I had caught her yet. She's such a handful and so cute at the same time.


Tears & Chills

Yesterday was just not a good day for me. Gino and I were not getting along and I'm being moody and it was just one of those days. I was driving and thought a text message from Gino came through on my phone and when I went to read it found that it was actually an email telling me I had a comment on my blog from Elder Foy's sister, Crystal. She saw the video and I had instant chills and tears in my eyes.

I couldn't imagine going 2 years w/out Jayden. As much as I would love for him to go on a mission and gain his own strong testimony, I don't know how I could do it. I'm happy that I was able to show Elder Foy's family that he is doing well. I just want them to know that many, many, MANY missionaries have tried to get my husband to get these discussions. Elder Foy and his partner Elder Goldhardt finally were able to get my husband to sit down and listen. I'm so thankful for how they have touched our lives.... changed our lives forever. We're on the path to going to the temple and I'm so thankful!!

On another note....

the flu is out of our house! Crossing my fingers that Jayden doesn't get it.


Thursday, October 23, 2008

Icky Flu!

Last night we went to bed only to jump out of it 5 minutes later. Ella had thrown up all over. It was horrible. My poor baby girl has the flu and spent all night throwing up. She seems to be feeling better now ~ she hasn't thrown up in 6 hours!!! I'm exhausted and can't wait to go to bed tonight.

I was worried about her heart all night, but nothing bad ever happened with it.

Now I just pray that it doesn't pass on to every single member of our family.


Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Jayden being Jayden

Yeah, um... we had a talk with him about how we're not supposed to want to be violent with the bullies.... Jayden wants to kill him. Should I be worried??? This kid at school has always messed with Jayden ~ which irritates me to know end, and Jayden was voicing his opinions on the matter here...

The funny thing is this:

If Cole and Jayden see each other in public they get all exicted and say hi to each other. 1st graders are a mystery to me!

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Missionaries - giving a shot out to their families :)

The missionaries that gave Gino his discussions were awesome. We really enjoyed them and had many laughs. Of course, the last laugh was on them! Elder Goldhardt is a HUGE Jazz fan ~ I'm hoping all of his friends and family are seeing this.... he's actually wearing a Kings jersey! GO KINGS!!!

I'm thankful that we had the opportunity to get to know them. The made the discussions fun and I learned so much from them. AND! They got Gino to dunked :)

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Carving Pumpkins

We had fun! Notice the Happy Birthday tablecloth ~ it's my friends birthday today, and she was up visiting so we had a Happy Birthday pumpkin carving party. Jayden drew his pumpkin's face. He's pretty proud of it.

It was Family Home Evening and everyone jumped right into the carving pumpkins before I could give my lesson. So, while everyone was carving I was talking about prayer and asking Jayden questions about prayer ~ Jenise probably thinks we're a bunch of religious psychos LOL. It's so important to have that 1 day a week that you're together as a family. It's what builds strong families, and I owe it to my family to ensure that it's done every week.... even if it's a quickie :)

These are the moments that I'm so scared to lose. I don't want them to grow up and not get excited about sitting around the table together to carve pumpkins. I truly treasure every single moment with these kids. Even the screaming fits I get out of them. Their personalities just shine through them and I love it! I love how they are their own individuals and I hope they stay that way. I don't want them to change themselves for ANYBODY!

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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Pumpkin Patch

Can't believe it's already that time of year! We took the kids to the pumpkin patch yesterday and took lots and lots of REALLY cute pictures. Ella loved it out there. She cried when we left. I think she enjoyed just wandering out in the beautiful country. Since we went on a weekday we weren't able to do all the fun stuff (pony rides, tractor rides, corn maze...) so, we'll have to go back this weekend. My friend Jenise was up visiting from Sacramento and she came along with us and picked out a pumpkin to carve too! Hope you enjoy the pictures and video!! BTW ~ I bought the video camera I was raving about a couple days ago, so expect many videos of the kids! Here's one I took at the pumpkin patch ~ I have some of carving the pumpkins too, but that'll be in the carving pumpkin post :)

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Monday, October 20, 2008

Week's Goals

Well, the Flylady is in the Master Bedroom this week. Thinking I might need to jump on in and get to working on my Master Bedroom/Office.

I have goals for this week! Here they are:

1) Do a total of 10 loads of laundry (I let it get a little out of control ~ surprise surprise)

2) Get tenant files moved into the new plastic tote filing thingys I bought ~ this way Ella can't get them.

3) Financial reports done by Friday - I HAVE TO DO THIS!

4) I'm trying to work on my evening routine. It's important for me to have my living room picked up and my kitchen clean for me to wake up to. My goal for this week is practice doing this EVERY SINGLE NIGHT! I have a much better morning when I do this.

Goals for Jayden:

1) Make sure he practices EVERY SINGLE NIGHT this week on his piano
2) Get his karate notebook put together and work with him on his code of ethics
3) Practice Reading every night

No goals for Ella

Goals for Marriage:

1) Stay positive and don't nag

and that's it on Goals for Marriage :) that's a REALLY hard goal!

Okay ~ so these are the things I'm working on this week - I'll regroup on Friday and see how I did.

Today my friend Jenise is up from Sacramento visiting. We're going to the pumpkin patch today and **whispers** we might have some video of it to upload if I get my Flip video camera like I wanted YAY!!!!


Thursday, October 16, 2008

I want another camera

I have an obsession with cameras. I always want a new one. Well, I'm pretty happy with my actual camera, but not my video camera. I don't take videos of the kids much because it really SUCKS! I was one of the new pretty digital ones. I'm even thinking that I could really use one of these FLIP video cameras just to take little clips of the funny things that the kids do. There's so many things that I want to remember. Like the way Ella squeezes and the funny dances Jayden does. I'm adding one of these to my Christmas list.

Gino's going to kill me when I tell him I want ANOTHER camera.

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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

He's Worthy!

Gino went to meet with the Bishop tonight and was interviewed for the Aaronic Priesthood. Just another stepping stone that puts a smile on my face and warm fuzzies inside.

I never thought I'd be here in my life and I'm so happy that I finally am. I look back at the stupid mistakes I made and could kick myself in the butt, but I think I need to be thankful for those mistakes, because if it wasn't for those mistakes maybe we wouldn't be where we are today.

Life is so short, and you never know when your time is going to come. Today on our way to karate there was an accident on the other side of the freeway. The entire front of the SUV was demolished. I started to cry. I felt absolutely horrible for the poor family that was about to receive the news that they lost someone they loved. I honestly do not believe that there were any survivors in the front seat. It literally was smashed to nothing.

We could wake up tomorrow and it could be our last day. That is how I want to live my life. I want to feel reassured that if I was to die tomorrow would I be proud and happy of the way I was living my life and treating the ones that I love. I can say now that I would be.

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Heads Up

The other day Jayden was in the bath and Ella was in there talking with him. She was secretly in her head trying to figure out how she could get herself in the bath tub with him. How do I know this as I'm sitting in the other room? She does it every single time I'm in the bath. She tries to launch her foot over the side of the tub.

I told Gino continuously stay in there with her! He thought I was crazy. There's no way she's going to get in there with him.

LUCKILY ~ Supermom was in the bathroom with her phone to snap pics when Ella flips over into the tub. She was so proud of herself.

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She thinks she's scarier than the monsters!

Ella is not scared of all the Halloween stuff. Instead of crying she growls at it. She really thinks she's scary too!

She saw a fish yesterday while Gino was fishing on the Wii and said, "Fish!" She's growing up. She's imitating everything we do, and even likes to wash her own hair. She's such a little dare devil and so opposite of Jayden. It's so crazy how they all have their own little personalities.

I feel so fortunate that I've been able to stay home with Ella. I hope that I don't have to go back to working in an office ever again, but I know someday I will. Even though I get frustrated sometimes and just want to get away, I wouldn't trade this life for anything.

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No More Razor Burn

It's been a long time, but I thought I'd jump on the Works For Me Wednesday train today. Today's tip is simple, most people probably already know it, but for those few that don't....

Are sick of having razor burn under your arms when you shave? I used to get it horribly until I shaved in the opposite direction first. Then after you do that you can shave normally and for some unknown reason to me I don't get razor burn.

For many more things that work for others head over to Rocks in my dryer.


Tuesday, October 14, 2008

You had to know a complaint/vent was coming...

The baptism was beautiful and wonderful and everything that I expected, but I can't hold this in anymore.

My inlaws and my brother were the rudest ever! Gino's parents held it together through the baptism, and honestly I think my MIL felt the spirit, because it was hard not to. We had such an amazing turn out of supporter that they had to hold the talks before the baptism in the chapel.... I was told that never happens. My brother laughed through the baptism. I have no respect for that boy. He made me so mad.

I had a talk with Gino parents who seemed so concerned and full of questions before they came here that it would be really cool of them to stay the entire 3 hours of church so they could get some answers AND so they could support their son. This was going to be Gino's 1st real time (we don't count the first time he went to church) of staying all day, for all the classes. If anything it was mainly for Gino. It would be nice to have his father there for him, supporting him, even if he didn't agree with our religion. I'm not asking the man to get dunked right there. I was just asking him to be a dad for once.

So, first off, they showed up 30 minutes late to church, with my son. They missed the confirmation, and walked in during the passing of the sacrament.... I cringed. The Sacrament meeting was amazing. My friend who sang at Gino's baptism got up and sang His Hands in front of the church. The church choir got up to sing and the talks had me bawling in the mother's room. This girl gave a talk that gave me chills. She just talked about life experiences of her's and how the Holy Spirit has touched her life. One thing she said was how you don't have to be LDS to know the phrase Listen to your heart. That's the Holy Spirit. Listening to your heart is listening to the promptings of the Holy Spirit. She talked of how she had a miscarriage and how the comforting of the Holy Spirit got her through that time, and strengthened her marriage in a completely different way.... much like my situation with Mya.

So, nothing was said during Sacrament that would have people running for the hills. Yet, when it was over Gino's dad rudely wanted nothing more to do with it. Yet, they can call and run their mouth with a bunch of questions. I could feel the contention in them and it made the trip difficult. After church Gino's dad wouldn't even look me in the eyes. I just found his actions so selfish and sad. The people in my ward tried so hard with my in-laws. I couldn't be more thankful for them. Everyone was so nice and accepting.

Gino and I were walking to Gospel Principles and he said, "Amanda, this is why we didn't invite them to this in the first place. I knew they would act like this, and all that matters is that we're here doing what we're supposed to be doing."

I know that not everyone on this earth believes in the Mormon church. I'm not asking for everyone to believe in it, and I especially wasn't asking my in-laws to believe in it. But what harm is there in giving it a chance? What harm is there in listening to a couple of hours of words of God that can actually inspire you? Why are you so quick to judge something you know nothing about? When you don't even go to church, don't pick up a bible.... you think your way is so much better than ours? So much that when you are offered a FREE Book of Mormon by your own daughter in law just so you could possibly learn what your son is doing with his life (since you seemed so concerned and full of questions just a week ago) you say NO. Your so quick to hate, and that makes me so sad for you.

I tried to keep these feelings to myself. It's hard though. I needed to talk about it. I have no idea if they read my blog, and if they do then maybe they were meant to read how I felt about how they acted.

Next Sunday is the Primary Program. The primary will take over Sacrament and sing songs and give talks. Jayden will even get up to say something. I can't wait. Sadly, Gino got scheduled to work and will be missing it :( They better get his work situation fixed soon!

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Sunday, October 12, 2008

The Baptism

It was such a beautiful baptism. It actually turned out even better that I imagined it would. The spirit was so strong. I kept tearing up and had chills throughout the majority of it. I am so proud of Gino. His testimony has grown and grown and I love it. So many members of our church showed up and it was so wonderful to have all the support from our ward. They're like a family, and it feels good to have them around. The closing prayer was given by Jayden and it was beautiful. Tear welled up in my eyes, and I hope that he remembers that day forever. The coolest thing ever is that Gino will get the honor of baptizing Jayden and Ella. How cool for him!

Today Gino was confirmed into the church and received the gift of the Holy Ghost. The spirit I think was even stronger today than yesterday. I hope that he can learn and

Gino stayed all day at church today and LOVED IT! It's kindof weird at how different he is now. I know that seems strange, but it's almost like I can feel the spirit gleaming off of him.

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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Children Stories

I just cannot get with it today! I haven't even showered and dressed and we have to leave here in 40 minutes to get Jayden. I'm REALLY happy that Jayden doesn't have school tomorrow. It's always nice to have a little break.

I was looking on LDS.org today and I found that they have stories for children online. There's stories on the Old & New Testaments and The Book of Mormon. They're really simple stories for kids to understand. You can see them HERE. I'm going to print some out and read them with Jayden. He's come so far since we started going to church and it's nice to already see the good morals he's forming.

Even if you're not LDS and you have small children, these bible stories and neat for them!! If you don't have children, reading children stories can help clarify things in the bible that you never understood.

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After months and month and more months.....

I finally updated my BOM blog.


Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Hymn Decided

The fist hymn of the baptism has finally been decided. A fellow reader gave me a suggestion of I Stand All Amazed and that was the PERFECT song! It's actually a song that I listen to a lot in my car. It's beautiful.... Here are the words:

I stand all amazed at the love Jesus offers me
Confused at the grace that so fully he proffers me
I tremble to know that for me he was crucified
That for me, a sinner, he suffered, he bled and died

Oh, it is wonderful that he should care for me enough to die for me
Oh, it is wonderful
Wonderful to me

I marvel that he would descend from his throne divine
To rescue a soul so rebellious and proud as mine
That he should extend his great love unto such as I
Sufficient to own, to redeem and to justify

(Repeat chorus)

I think of his hands, pierced and bleeding to pay my debt
Such mercy, such love and devotion can I forget?
No, no, I will praise and adore at the mercy seat
Until at the glorified throne I kneel at his feet

I stand all amazed at the love Jesus offers me
Secure in the promise of life in his victory
Thus ransomed from death I will live to my Savior's praise
And sing of his goodness and mercy through endless days

Thank you, Victoria!!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Some more goals...

I'm getting extra doses of my husband this week. He's had Sunday, Monday & Tuesday off. Then he also has Saturday, Sunday, Monday & Tuesday off. That's a lot of time together. It's been nice though. I'm getting work done, and he's hanging out with Ella. If he knew I was really up here writing on my blog I don't think he'd be too thrilled :)

I accomplished the majority of all of my goals last week. I did my 2 loads/day, my work items were done, the only thing I really messed up on was a home cooked meal every night.

Here are my goals for this week - now until Friday....

1) 2 loads/day

2) Read scriptures EVERY MORNING & NIGHT (I started my day out w/reading w/Gino and I feel great!)

3) 15 minutes of filing/day

4) Do as the flylady tells me.... I seriously need to get back on track with that!

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Sunday, October 5, 2008

Today and Tomorrow's Inspiration

I read this on my friend Tammy's blog and had to put it here for others to read. This is probably one of the best things I've ever heard. So much that I'm considering putting it in a digital scrapbook page and printing and framing it.

She doesn't know who wrote it, so I can't acknowledge the writer as well, but....

"Each of us must direct our own lives, chart our own course and make our own decisions, and what is best for me is probably constraining for you. We too often forget the fact that what most of us need is to be nurtured, not improved. An emphasis on improvement confirms our inadequacies, while nurturing affirms who we really are and who really loves us. Too often we try to help others by seeking solutions to their problems, or giving them our plan for personal improvement when what they need is love, understanding and acceptance.

Let us remember these two things: that personal joy comes from appreciating the present and that the greatest gift we give to others is a nurturing heart."

I think that if we all lived by what is said above that we would all be much more joyous and happier in our own personal lives.

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Saturday, October 4, 2008

Another random rambling of mine

Jayden had 2 games today. At first I didn't even think he'd be playing any games, because his shin guards are MIA. We ended up buying some and he ended up 20 minutes late to his game. He played great though!

It's a lazy Saturday for us. Gino's at work and will be until 9pm. That means work for me, movies, and just laziness. It's rainy outside and that makes me want to grab a blanket and cuddle up on the couch with the kids to watch a good movie.

In a week from today my husband will be baptized. Talk about exciting!!!!!! The missionaries were over last night for his almost last discussion. I learn something every time they come over, and every time I learn something it excites me and motivates me. It makes me feel good about the decisions that we're making for ourselves and our family.

I've been racking my brain to figure out the second hymn for Gino's baptism. We are having the closing hymn be Families Can Be Together Forever. In the program we're also having our friends Autumn & Jared (they are married) sing A Child's Prayer, but I can't figure out the opening hymn.

Tomorrow is Sunday - no church, but we'll be watching Conference on TV. We're going up to the Bishop's house for a little while, but other than that - I'm planning on a very relaxing day. That's what I'm hoping on.

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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Promotion Denied

My husband has been offered a promotion more times than I can count on my hand. He's never thought twice and denied them all. I used to get a little irritated until I started to see what he saw. Once you get a team under you, you will more than likely be fired if that team of yours sucks.

Gino got offered a great position yesterday, but the crew that he would be over sucks, and he doesn't want to lose his job, our insurance, our security over that. So, once again.... promotion will be denied.

I'm okay with this. Gino's going to be starting school and he doesn't need to be stressed out about stuff at work while doing this. Home Depot is not the long term goal - it's just a place to sit while we wait to get to where we want to be. And I must say the insurance is really necessary with a cardiac baby.

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I woke up this morning and I swear she got bigger. Her face is getting more matured and the look in her eyes shows that she understands just that much more.

She's 13 1/2 months and she doesn't seem like it. She already knows what she wants and knows how to get it. She loves to pick on her brother and her face lights up at the sight of him. She's got a head full of curls and already has her first 2 molars.

The phone rings and she grabs anything she can to put up to her ear to say, "Hello?" She still loves to dance and I still can't wait to get her into classes.

She loves to stand on things and try to balance herself.... it scares me half to death, but she loves it ~ however, when she falls she doesn't seem too happy. Sometimes she'll get herself in a situation just so she can whine.... I think she likes the sound AND IT'S A SOUND I DO NOT LIKE!

She's my princess, and she knows it.... she even can say princess.


Wednesday, October 1, 2008

A Strengthening of my faith

In less than 2 weeks my husband is going to be baptized!!!! I'm getting so excited for him. I think the most exciting part is that we're 1 step closer to an eternal family.... I LOVE THAT!

My MIL called last night and had some questions, and they were a little hard. They were questions about the church that I understand, but I'm not good at explaining. My biggest fear is that they're going to have a negative attitude and ruin it for Gino. It's hard to understand when you don't know, and I'm hoping to have the missionaries come over and answer any questions they might have before the baptism. This is a huge decision for Gino, and probably the best decision he's ever made for himself. I did suggest to his step-mom that they get the discussions if they're interested in knowing what their son is getting into. The main thing they should be happy about is that we have a strong family and the church makes us stronger. Hopefully they take my suggestion and get the discussions.... what's it gonna hurt?

Last night when I got off the phone I thought it was amazing how much stronger my testimony felt. Whenever I'm faced with someone who doesn't believe that this church is true I have this burning feeling in my soul, and my testimony just gets stronger and stronger. It's sad to me. It's sad that there are so many people out there that I love that have no idea how this could be the most important thing in their lives, but I can't force it on them. All I can do is continue to do what I'm doing and be thankful that I have the gospel in my life. That my children are being given the opportunity to have the gospel in their lives, and that my children will be a forever family. That in itself is one of the best blessings I could ever ask for.

General Conference is this weekend!!!! I'm so excited to watch it.

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