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Garibay Soup: August 2009

Monday, August 31, 2009

Would you still blog?

When you made your blog my bet is going to be on the fact that you didn't do it to see how many followers you might get. You didn't create the blog to make friends that would change your life for the better. You probably didn't create your blog to check how many hits you've received in the past hour on that one post you just want the whole world to see.

My bet will be on the fact that you started your blog as a means to have a place to go to for YOU.  A place that you can record your family's moments, your family's trials, just your family's life in general.  If you're like me, you made your blog to be a place that you pour the fountain of thoughts that are always flowing through your brain to somewhere where it's put into perspective.

When I created this blog I had NO CLUE on what the blog world was all about.  I no idea that I'd soon want people to read what I had to say, make friends that I absolutely love to death and have never even had the pleasure of getting to know them in real life  People who I've just had a chance to get to know them as they really are inside, not the outside. 

I had no clue that I would learn ways to make my life better, my family's life better, and more importantly me better.  I had no clue that I'd have a desire to pick up cooking and baking and try to organize my cleaning.  I had no clue that I'd meet people who have experienced some of the same things I have in my life and understand where I am coming from when I'm expressing my feelings. 

We are human, we love the attention of people noticing, commenting, following, recognizing and appreciating our words.  Every single one of us bloggers in the end are here for the recognition, to know that people here care about the things that we have to say.

But in the end if all of that were not here, {the blogger community, the comments, the recognition} would you still be blogging?  Would you still run to your blog with all of your ideas, opinions, life stories?  

I can say that yes, I would.  I remember why I started this blog, and that is what keeps me going.  There are times that I write things and don't have a comment, but I'm happy I wrote it.  I actually even have an inspirational carnival {Just a Motivating Monday} that goes weeks without a link up, but the reason why I started the carnival wasn't just for link ups, but to share things that inspire people and to start somebody's week off good.  So, even if I don't receive a comment or a link up, if I put a smile on someone's face on a Monday that just isn't working for them, my carnival served its purpose for the week.
I love what comes with blogging.  I love the friendships I've made, the things I've learned, the life stories I've read and that I will never forget, but in the end if it were here or not I'd still be here.... blogging.

Moment Like These....

Yesterday we spent a very special, peaceful time at our favorite park in Ashland. There's something about this park that just quiets your soul for a while and allows you to reflect on life, what's important, what's not. Think about the things that matter, the things that don't.  And a place to capture moments like these...moments that completely take my breath away.


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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Just a Motivating Monday - More than I can handle

If you're just joining in:

-Write a blog post about ANYTHING at all that inspires you, or something you feel will inspire others.

-Please link back to Garibay Soup

-Please snag my Just a Motivating button on your post.

-I hope that we can all go and visit each other's blogs and read what everyone has linked up ~ I hope that this carnival can bring more traffic for you :) So, spread the comment love!

"I know God will not give me anything I can't handle. I just wish that He didn't trust me so much." ~Mother Teresa

I don't think that this life was ever intended to be easy. I know that we are here to learn and to grow, and a free, easy ride is definitely not going to help us out there. Why does it sometimes have to get downright dirty then?

There is a lot of tragedy in this world, and unimaginable things actually happen to people.... people who you wonder how in the world they do it. They do though. They get through those unimaginable life events, they move on, they grow, they learn, and sometimes they have enough strength to hug someone who is going through what they once endured and give the exact support they need.

I do tell myself often, we will get through this. We always get through everything, and we have experienced some not so fun circumstances. I think back on one of the most heart wrenching things I've ever had to go through and that was losing our baby girl, {Mya}. You hear of 2nd and 3rd trimester losses, but never think it will happen to you. Although it was heart wrenching, I got through it. Although I miss her, I'm still here, and have found happiness in my life regardless of the traumatic even I had to endure.  I have found reason as to why it happened.... because I really, truly believe that everything happens for a reason.... and sometimes we just have to search for that reason.  I found a rainbow at the end of my storm and that rainbow is a beautiful, precious little girl that I can't get enough of.  If there was a Mya, there'd be no Ella.

I wish God didn't trust me as much as he does sometimes, but the thing is he does trust me. He knows that I will find a way to learn and grow from the experiences that I have to go through, but I still sometimes wonder why. I do have enough faith, however, to know there definitely is some reason. If I stick around and try to figure it out I usually find the answer, and then try to accept it, learn from it and more importantly grow from it.

We might not like that God trusts us as much as he does, but the thing is he does trust us, and that in itself is an honor.

NOW FOR THE GIVEAWAY!!  I was bummed to see that my website for Wildtree is not ready yet!  Hopefully they get it up and running tomorrow so you all can go and check out PURE DELICIOUSNESS!  

I am giving away a bag Heavenly Chocolate Mouse and your choice of flavor between (Zesty Lemon, RoastedGarlic or Basil Pesto) 5oz Grapeseed Oil AND some of the Hearty Speghetti Sauce blend, because it's pure DELICIOUSNESS and I want all of you to be able to taste the joy I taste in my home every, single night.  If you love chocolate O.M.G YOU WILL BE IN HEAVEN!  And I LOOOOVE the grapeseed oils..... all of them! 

If you have never heard of Wildtree you should definitely {CLICK HERE} to learn all about feeding your family YUMMY, NATURAL foods.... that are quick to prepare.... easy peasy! 

Will update with my website once it's fixed!! 





Be sure to leave a comment for each additional entry you qualify for since I will be choosing the winner at random from my comments.

This contest will only be open until 12:00am 9/1/09.... so, basically all of today (8/31/09)  GOOD LUCK!!  Hope to see lots of link ups so I can get my inspirational reading in :)



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Saturday, August 29, 2009


Today my daughter shocked the pants off of me. The girl just turned two and I watched her saw her do this..... this video is of me telling her to do it again, but she honestly did this EXACT thing on her own.... I'm still in shock!

 **oh and don't mind my phone ringing in the background of the video LOL**


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Friday, August 28, 2009

Got Girl Time?

I like to occasionally jump on a random blog carnival that I find. Today I found one that seemed pretty stinkin cool. It's called Aloha Friday... you ask a simple question on your blog and others can answer in your comments.

You can head over to {An Island Life} and link up to do the same or find a bunch of other questions. So I'll use this fun carnival for an opportunity to ask random things I always wonder... can't wait to see answers....

Do you make time for yourself to just be a girl without the husband, without the kids? What do you do with this time?

Personally, I think it's extremely important. Lately I haven't done this, but need to get back into it. One of my most favorite away from family guilty pleasures is getting a massage. It's an every 2 week kind of thing for this girl, but it's been a couple of months since I've gotten in (thanks to company, vacations.... and the list could go on and on). I'm pretty bad about getting together w/friends w/out kids, but need to try a little harder on this. We still are girls, and we still need our girl time.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

{Ashlee} gave me this fabulous Blog award... and it's my first ever! Ashlee is such an amazing girl and I am so happy that Twitter brought us together... in all actuality I think Ella's overdose is to blame, but we'll just say Twitter ;)

The rules are to list 5 obsessions.... oh boy - are you sure you all want to know me like that?

Blackberry Storm! I can't believe I ever just had a regular phone! Someone once told me not to get a blackberry, and I actually listened! I'm glad I finally succumbed to what I really wanted, because I LOOOOOVE IT! I feel like everything is right at my fingertips and why I think it's better than the IPhone... because our themes rock! (Verizon doesn't have the IPhone so I convince myself daily that the Blackberry Storm is better... and I'm starting to realize it just might be! I mean, come on I get MMS messages!)

Photo Editing! Oh I just absolutely love to take a picture and transform it into something so magical. Photography in general is an obsession of mine so I guess I can combine the two. I'm just a newbie photographer, and watching my own work get better and better with every photo shoot puts a thrill inside of me. I'm so happy that I invested in my DSLR, because I found a new passion in something that my family and other families will be able to treasure for years to come.

My Computer! My friends live inside of it. Okay... ME <------LOSER! Just kidding... not all of my friends, but I have found a lot of amazing friends on this thing. This is what I use to edit my pictures, to connect with friends and family who are far away, to write on my blog {that is in the end for my family} and to learn on. I learn new things every day online... and if I didn't have this computer that probably wouldn't be happening.

My family!
I'm obsessed with them! They are so deliciously adorable I just want to eat them up! Okay, so they might all get on my nerves and drive this mama over the edge, but I love them so much and they are my #1 obsession... the reason why I do the things I do. Without them I am nothing.

Blogging! I guess this kinda goes in the computer category but I have more to add on the obsession of mine. I originally started this blog for family and friends to be in the "know" of the Garibay family... and it turned into something I never expected. I found blogs of other moms and discovered different ways to try things. I found this world of amazingness that I just HAD to be a part of. I really enjoy updating my blog with the things I feel others might gain something from, things that I feel, and things my family will want to {or not} remember about when they're older. I love when people come to leave me comment and let me know that what I contributed to the blog world touch them in some way, and if you're a lurker on my blog I'd love for you to feel comfy and leave a comment ~ let me know that I touch your world like I hope I do. In the end however, it doesn't matter how many readers I have, no matter if I have hundreds or 1 I'm still going to continue with what I have to share and continue on with my inspirational carnival.... it's my obsession and I love it and will always do it.

Now to tag 5 people with this award!!!

{Rachel @ Spangler Family} ~ Rachel, you are such an awesome person to me. I hope one day we actually get to meet IRL. You're blog is fabulous, you inspire me quite often and you definitely deserve this award. Display it on your blog proudly, because you're blog is FABULOUS!

{Momzoo} ~ You make being a mom of 5 and housewife so enjoyable and simple. You inspire me quite often to do things more simply. To enjoy the little things in life and to someday have a garden! You're blog is FABULOUS and I hope you display this award proudly on your blog.

{Dena @ Sugar Shop} ~ I just absolutely LOVE the content on your blog. I found your blog when I was brand spankin new to sewing and photography and felt like I found the gold mine to inspiration with the 2. You rock at what you do and I just want you to know that to me your blog is FABULOUS!!

{Bake @ 350} ~ you knew I had to throw some food up in the mix.... OH BOY your blog makes my mouth WATER. It's beyond water...I have dreams about the the things you put on there. Girl, you're blog is FABULOUS! Thank you so much for posting all these delicious things... you inspire me to bake and I used to not go there.

{Mrs Cropper} ~ Anne, I LOVE reading your blog. Knowing you in real life and then going to read the things going on in your mind puts a different spin on things. You are an awesome, amazing person and you inspire me in many, many ways! Your blog is FABULOUS! Display it proudly!! I still hold that rain check and intend to use it :)

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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I talked about Tweetdeck...might as well talk Twitter

I talked all about Tweetdeck yesterday, and I figured I might as well share my thoughts on why I love Twitter for {Things I Love Thursday} I have some tweeps that like the idea of twitter, but just aren't really sure where to really start. So, I thought I'd share a little about me and and twitter, how I use it, and a share a cool tutorial I found.

I am starting to look at Twitter as my own personal huge forum. I have found that most forums unfortunately come with their fair share of CATTY DRAMA. Don't get me wrong, there are many, many benefits to wonderful support of the forum communities! In fact, I have met some of my very close friends from forums, but the cattiness was too much for me. I chose to leave behind the drama, the "my way is better than your way" attitudes and venture off on my own in my little bloggity world. Visiting others' blogs and peeking into the hearts of other women that are in your shoes helps you in ways that competing women cannot. The odds of you coming to my blog, reading something that comes from my heart and arguing with that is pretty slim. Of course it happens, but NOTHING like mommy forums.

I didn't step into my full potential in this blog world until I succumbed to the over growing world of Twitter. I never fully "got it" until I saw on someone's blog Follow Me on Twitter. I clicked, I read, a light went off, and I've been Tweet-a-leeting ever since.

Here is how Twitter is my own personal forum... a forum that can't compete with any other forum, because it is every forum in 1.....
You create your own universe, or should I say twitterverse on there. You get to choose your friends, you get to choose which conversations to jump into, and you get a full range of different people. It's not just moms, it's not just dads, it's not just parents. There's old, famous, single, taken, happy, depressed, crafty, analytical. You think it, there is it. And that is what I enjoy. I follow an awesome tweep that posts sewing patterns, a tweep that posts awesome photography tutorials, tweeps that post giveaways for things you can win for free. I can post something that I need and a random stranger can come and help you out, or say a prayer for you, and you may just find your new best friend there. It is an extremely supportive community, and I have made it into what I love.

You don't feel obligated to ever have to post so much, reply to everything, because it's a constant chat room where you come and go as you please. You can make it how you want it, and that's exactly what I need in my life, a place that I can come and go as I please, without guilt, without obligation. But knowing... it's always there. I've found at first that I didn't want to follow too many people, because I didn't want to get overwhelmed, but I'm now coming to the realization that the more people that you find that you have something in common with, all the better to follow them.
You don't (and most definitely shouldn't) catch up on everything that you miss on twitter. When I log on to my Ubertwitter (on my blackberry) or get on my trusty {tweetdeck} I only go back 25 or so tweets to see the current happenings and of course check my mentions (anyone mentioning my username). If any of my people are talking something interesting or something I'd like to chime in on I will.... if not, I won't. The more people you follow, the more conversations you have an option of joining. I'm random. I tweet all kinds of stuff about my day, my frustrations, my kids, my marriage, my friends, my family, literally... everything. Do I expect people to respond to everything I say? No, but I feel like there's always someone listening, and that in itself feels pretty darn snazzy. I do try to reply to people often, comment on their happenings. Twitter is pretty dang awesome. It's something that I will always be a part of, and am happy to have it in my life.

If you are into blogging, if you are into sales, or need to promote something what better way to get the word out there about what it is you want the world to know than to tweet it? I have an RSS feeder, but to be honest, I check the blog posts of those who tweet them first. It's easy for me. I have found many new friends and new readers of my blog just by tweeting my link and what it is that I wrote about.

It's fun to go and create your own twitterverse and make it what you want it to be. It's fun to go and find your tweeps, and spend your days with them, because believe it or not that's strangely what you do.
If you're not with Twitter ~ you should be. I'm just writing this post mainly to explain how and why I am a part of Twitter. You can use it to your advantage... you can make it your social network for you business, for your sanity, for your whatever... the thing is it's your's, make it what you would want to make of it. And nothing is my universe without my husband, so I made him become a part of my twitterverse... @Eazymoney25 is my

And for the record:

Tweeple = People on twitter

Tweeps = Peeps
Twitterverse = Twitter is like a cyber universe where almost every1 is a part of
Tweetheart = Sweetheart heard this 1 today...I think it might be my favorite twitter language

And that's my thoughts on Twitter today. You make it into what you want it for. Please enjoy this tutorial I found, I think it's THE BEST I've seen yet.


Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Tweetdeck...I love it!

Twitter is hot. I can't believe it took me so long to jump on! I'm working on a twitter post that's in the works. It's nothing huge and special, but it's how I use Twitter, why I use Twitter and all that stuff!

What I want to share with you today for Works for Me Wednesday is how Tweetdeck for Twitter works for me. How you can use it for so much more than just keeping in contact with your tweeps.

{Tweetdeck} is a program that you download onto your computer. I keep it minimized when I'm on my computer and can hear the ding when I new tweet comes through and a pop up comes up telling me which column was updated.... ah, columns... my FAVORITE part of Tweetdeck!

I always have the following columns up and active:

  • All Friends
  • Mentions
  • Direct Messages
  • "Friends" a group I created and added the tweeps I don't want to miss anything on
  • Facebook Status

Let's say you're in the middle of a Twitter Party (which is much fun if you haven't been a part of one yet) Tweetdeck allows you to add columns with a search word. Therefore if the party is using a hashtag of #twitterpartyfood you can add a column and any posts at all with that hash tag come up. Therefore you're almost using it like a chat room.

Let's say you specialize in something and want to be able to be in contact with people who mention your specialty... well, make a search column with that key word (or words) and watch in real time as it updates whenever it's mentioned. Definitely a good thing for trying to promote things!

If you have other ways that Tweetdeck is awesome please, please, please share with me by leaving a comment and letting me and my readers know!!

Tweetdeck has made Twitter definitely enjoyable and easy for me while on my computer. I hope this helps you out in a way, if not... thanks for stopping by Garibay Soup anyways ~ feel free to have a look around and leave some comment love... because I love it! And I hope to see you back for Just a Motivating Monday ~ Garibay Soup's Inspirational Carnival... because we all need inspiration in our lives!!!

Over at {We are THAT Family} there are many other things being linked up that work for others... head over with a nice drink of whatever does it for you and brace yourself for some knowledge you'll want to use in your life.

And don't forget to click on my Twitter Link in my header to follow me!

Jayden needs a lawyer... haha

He's turning 8 next month. Boy, oh boy... when they say time flies you don't realize how true that phrase is. I like to always share the funny things that come out of Jayden's mouth, because woawee he cracks me up sometimes.

The night that Sophie did her {naughty thing} of trying to eat my wall, I eventually had Jayden go to bed. The whole situation was stressful, I was in the middle of an organizing office kick and I WAS DONE WITH KIDS AND DOGS!

The funny Jayden says....

As climbing in his bed he looks at me and says, "I need a lawyer for this!"

Yes, he believed that getting a lawyer might help him in not having to go to bed.... how does he even know what a lawyer is?!?!?!

*sigh* he's growing people, he's growing up.


Monday, August 24, 2009

Just a Motivating Monday - Our Children

If you're just joining in:

-Write a blog post about ANYTHING at all that inspires you, or something you feel will inspire others.

-Please link back to Garibay Soup

-Please snag my Just a Motivating button on your post.

-I hope that we can all go and visit each other's blogs and read what everyone has linked up ~ I hope that this carnival can bring more traffic for you :) So, spread the comment love!

Today has been everything but motivating for me, so I am back tracking and bringing up a wonderful quote (already once posted here at Garibay Soup) that EVERY MOTHER should read. It's short, simple, but is definitely inspiring to me and hopefully to you as well. I hope to see people link up and help to motivate this Monday for me!!

Something that we all should remember. Here's a quote from Gordon B. Hinckley..

"Do the best you can. And remember that the greatest asset you have in this world is those children who you've brought into the world, and for whose nurture and care you're responsible."

Our homes don't have to be perfect. The main thing that matters is that our children are getting the love, care and attention that they so deserve. They are the reason we exist.

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Sunday, August 23, 2009

My Baby Girl turned 2 - my best photo shoot EVER

This photoshoot was probably one of the best ones I will ever do. My baby turned 2 and taking these pictures were a surprise for her daddy. If you would like to see these pictures large and w/out the video please {CLICK HERE} to go to my photography blog.

**edited to add that I am submitting this post in as my {Wordless Wednesday}

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Saturday, August 22, 2009

He's Making the Band

Just had to pardon the interruption of my blog remodel for a little entertainment. These boys were downtown Ashland today performing and they ROCKED! I loved them.... so much I bought one of their CD's. But what made me love them even more is they allowed Jayden to rock out with them with his accordion.

I only got video of the end and the lighting was sucky, but at least I got some.... it was so cute and there was a HUGE crowd there watching and oooooing and awwwing over Jayden.... my future rock star. He is already trying to now make his own band with his little friends.

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Oh my, please excuse

THE MESS! I'm in the middle of doing a remodel througout today, so things might look a little messy :) So, please just ignore it while you come to read and leave me comment love <3



Friday, August 21, 2009

I crate my dog... and here is why

I don't know what most people's thoughts are on crated their dogs, but I'll just come right out and say I AM A CRATER! I believe that for the safety of my dog and my house when we are upstairs or out of the house our dog needs to be in her crate.

I'm sure there are a million people that will tell me how cruel I am and whatnot, and that's fine... you do one thing with your dog and I do another with mine... and let me tell you why.

Last night I was upstairs and my friend went to Taco Bell. Instead of being put in her crate our dog was left downstairs and the baby gate was put up as to ensure that she didn't come upstairs. My son comes upstairs to inform me that we have termites and they have made a hole in the wall. I dismiss it as 'where in the heck has this kid been? that hole has been there for almost 2 years!' (Yes, we have a small hole at the bottom of the stairs where an unknown person kicked in.... family drama blah... I have an idea but whatever...different story).

He grabbed my hand and drug me downstairs for me to find the complete horror that awaited me.
Yes, that is a flipping hole that my dog somehow made in my wall. How? I have no idea. Pissed? Yes, I most definitely am! There was no small hole for this dog to even begin this with, so I am still completely baffled. My thoughts, are that maybe there previously was a hole before we moved in, it was patched and it was easy for her to break through. This took place right by the baby gate, which brings me to believe that she was trying to claw her way around the gate to get upstairs.

I'm still completely speechless.

When my friend, Jenise, got home from Taco Bell this is how she found Sophie. Nobody said anything to her, she just KNEW that she did MAJOR WRONG!

And this is why I crate... do you blame me?


Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Just Stinkin' Perfect!

My friend of 23 years told me that her sister reads my blog often. I love it when I hear that people that I care about, and especially people I'm not always in contact with come to check up on my family, me, my life. But one thing that she did say was, "Wow, now that Amanda is in the Mormon church is she like this perfect mom?" I don't know if those were her exact words, but the word perfect was mentioned. AND THEN! Her mom reads my blog and says, "Did Amanda turn into little Miss Perfect?"...... here we go.

I can classify myself with pretty much the most imperfectness out there. I am not in any way a bad mom, I am not a bad wife, but I am farfrom being the word perfect. I don't always blog about my faults, because maybe I don't want to face them. I don't blog about my faults, because maybe I just don't want to world to know about them. I do have faults though, and many of them.

It's funny that miss Alicia (hi Alicia!!) said this, because I think this about others. When I do go to church (and let me tell you, lately it hasn't been very often!) I envy almost all of the families there. They seem to have perfect lives. Their husbands are smiling and rubbing their backs, the wives are smiling and don't seem at all frustrated as they drag their screaming toddler out of Sacrament. When I'm at church I'm trying my hardest to keep my kids quiet, my husband awake and wishing that we were at the point of being able to take everything in and love it. It's hard for us. It seems absolutely easy for every member that has been going to church all their lives, but it's a drastic change for the Garibay family and I anticipate it taking a while for us to be that family that the new comers look at and envy.

I am probably the most organized unorganized person you'll ever meet. I could walk into somebody's home, tear it apart and have everything organized and beautiful, because I know how to. I know where to start, and I know how to get to the ending prize. Have you been to my house? If you have you'll know that I struggle with organization. Maybe it's because I'd prefer to always be struggling in this department, because I most definitely know how to get there.... I just haven't gotten there yet.

I love my children, but they drive me flipping crazy sometimes! I sometimes wish that they would walk away from me and give me some space so I can tweet, blog, surf the internet, read or just think BY MYSELF... whatever. I'm sure that doesn't make me the best mom in the world, because I actually need a break from them to do the things that make me happy, otherwise why the heck am I living? I love them and breathe for them, but I'm not afraid to admit that I need breaks sometimes, I need a night out without them, and I know many moms who cannot admit to this. So, I guess I'm not so perfect in this department as well.

I often wonder why we sometimes hide our faults. Why we don't let other people know that hey, I'm not the best wife, my house is a disaster most days, I definitely should not classify as the world's best mom (even though at times you think you are).

I just want everyone to know me for me. I don't always blog about my faults, but I have them. I need to remember when reading other people's blogs that they may seem perfect, and have the perfect blog, the perfect husband and seem like life is just flipping perfect for them, but there's no way, because none of us are perfect. They have faults just like I do, you do and we all do.... even our mother-in-law's :)


Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Pure Joy


I saved this picture for {Wordless Wednesday} it was my favorite out of her {birthday shoot}, because it shows the pure joy that she was feeling in her new ride.

To read about today's Works for me Wednesday (Tips to surprise your kids) Click {HERE}
and be sure to join me on Monday for an Inspirational Carnival {or even just to come and read what inspiring post I have for you}
{Just a Motivating Monday}Align Center


Tips to Surprise Your Kids

To be a good parent we are not always meant to stand as fun. We are not supposed to be the "friend" especially to our teens. We are here to ensure that our children receive structure, rules, morals among many other life tips that we hope they carry on with them.

In between all of these events of training our children up we need to mix in surprises! Surprises that remind them that while we may not always be all about fun, we still have fun in us. Here's a few tips to excite your kids!

  • Go in 20 minutes after your kids have gone to bed and get them up to take them to ice cream in their pajamas {Read this on twitter! Can't wait to try it}
  • Surprise them after school with a picnic in the park for the after school snack
  • Show up at your kid's school and have lunch with them
  • Have breakfast as a picnic on mommy & daddy's bed... and a fun breakfast at that!
  • Have a hookie day at least 2 times/year where you go and have a full day of fun - their choice of activities
  • Let your kid choose and help cook whatever meal they can make up in their mind... and sit down as a family to lavish over it
  • Mix up meal day where they can choose what they want to eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner.... as long as it's mixed up (ex: lunch for breakfast, dinner & lunch, breakfast for dinner)... that's always fun... hey maybe even let them have dessert for lunch! One day won't kill them
  • Make an art gallery of their art work, framed an all for them to come home to... talk about feeling uber special!
  • Surprise them with a half year {birthday} celebration party ~ no presents, just a celebration w/maybe cupcakes and some friends and games..... maybe a fun slumber party
  • For your little girl, let her play dress up with your makeup and take her out for a special treat.... she'll feel beautiful!
  • For your little boy take him to a sports game (even if it's a local high school, or any local school one) and choose a team to cheer for and get all excited with them. It's fun!

I know that there a million things out there that you could do, but I just wanted to throw a couple of things out there for you so that you can realize that it really is simple to have some fun with your young ones.

Throughout our crazy, busy lives we can sometimes forget about the small little things can make our kids have fun memories of their childhood.

These are my little things that work for me and my kids. There are HUNDREDS of tips from others for a huge variety of different topics. {Kristen} is hosting this fabulous carnival! Go join in the fun!

And come back on Monday for {Just a Motivating Monday} hosted by me! It's my day where I write an inspiring blog post and have a link up for others to link up their inspiring posts. Even if you have nothing to share I hope you'll stop by to read what I have to write.

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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Just a Motivating Monday - Friendship

If you're just joining us:

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After the day I had to day I must say I was not in the mood to write anything inspiring for anybody, because I was just downright now inspired!

We've all had a day where it all just started going wrong, it was like bad events had a domino effect going on. That's how I felt today was. Now, I sit here, with sleeping babies, peace in the house and the Kardashians on my TV..... needless to say I'm happy and ready to start writing.

This week my best friend in the entire world is up in Oregon visiting from my home town Sacramento. I find our friendship so inspiring and felt like sharing it with you, here on Just a Motivating Monday.

I have always been a different person when it comes to friends. I know people have tons of them, and I only hold a small few in my hands. Once you become my friend, you will always remain my friend, and I think that's why I am so picky choosing them.

Jenise and I have been friends since as far back as I can remember, we started our first day of school together. I have moved many, many times (that's a whole other post I need to write about!) But through it all, Jenise has always been there. Even when we were 12 and separated we kept in contact by letters, but I always returned back to that small town Jackson, California.

Jenise has always been the one I cry to, she is always the first person I think of when I have good news, bad news, or just need a friend to be there for me..... no matter where I live. It's hard to find the right words to express the friendship that I feel so honored to have. Not everyone is blessed to have a friendship like we have, and I couldn't be more thankful.

I am inspired by the unconditional love that we hold for each other. I believe that we should all hold this kind of love for our best friends. Don't let the petty stuff EVER get in the way of your friendship, because it's never worth it. Just remember that while you might not always agree with each other, you will always love each other.

Jenise has put up with so much crap from me, and I'm so lucky that she holds this unconditional love for me, because NOTHING could ever get in the way of our friendship, and since we are so close.... we would never do anything to each other to jeopardize it.

Neener, I love you to death and I am so grateful that you are my best friend.
I would move mountains for you if I could, and I will always be here.... no matter what it is that you need.

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