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Garibay Soup: June 2008

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

One tired baby!

I left tonight for my Aqua Aerobics class, which I'm loving, and I told Gino that Ella was exhausted. This is exactly how tired she was~~~~~~~~~~~~~Yes, he did move her after he took the picture.


Freak out panic - goals will help!

Sometimes life just seems to fly by so fast and I feel like it's slipping through my fingers. I've finally been given the perfect opportunity to be able to work at home and raise my kids and I can't even begin to describe how thankful I am to be in a position like that. Yet, I still feel like the world is moving so fast.

Ella will be 1, Jayden will 7, I'm turning 26 and my husband just turned 27. Wow. I remember my mom being 26. Sadly, it seems like it was just yesterday and that scares the crap out of me. There's so many things that I need to do and want to do and instead right now I'd like to put my face in a pillow and scream.

I was on a great track, with a great schedule. Things were getting done and all was happy!!! I feel a little unbalanced right now, and I need to get myself and my children back on a healthy schedule. I need to have a home cooked meal on my table for my family at least 5 days/week. I need Ella to be on a set napping/eating schedule and I need to have a set working schedule. It's hard with Ella, but there's no reason that anything should feel out of control ~ and honestly it really isn't.

Lately Ella hasn't wanted me to do anything but sit on the floor and stare at her. She's a total Leo! She wants all the attention and the world needs to be centered on her ~ sometimes it's hard. However, now I finally get to see what my mom got to deal with. Yes, I too am a Leo.

I've taken time to get organized, and I'm not 110% there yet, but I will be. I think that once things are perfectly filed and organized & my spreadsheets are updated and accounts reconciled things will be okay with me. My job honestly does not take up that much time, but it does if things aren't organized the way they're supposed to be.

I'm giving myself 2 weeks to be caught up on everything in my life. I need my schedules back, I need my family to feel like a family again and I need to have SET working hours.

I think I need to start off by setting myself some daily goals. Things I MUST accomplish in my home, my family, my work & myself. Sadly, sometimes there's not enough hours in the day, but I need to start allocating my time better. I owe it to my family & myself. Tomorrow is a new day..... Here are tomorrows goals:

1) Spend 30 minutes on filing (this will probably accomplish it all)
2) Send off deposits
3) Pay all bills

In regards to my work - there's a lot to do right now, and there's a lot of ideas that I'm working on to make the business better. I'm going to work on a master list and I think this is going to help out so much!


1) Do 3 loads of laundry - 1 of which is bedding
2) Babyproof my room/office
3) Clean kitchen (since I'm too tired to do it tonight)

With Jayden:

1) In the morning work on reading workbook & 1 math sheet
2) Play board game w/him during the evening

I feel better. Getting things out in a list always makes me feel better. Tomorrow is going to be a busy day!

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Jayden's Graduation

Sorry!! I just realized that I have yet to upload pictures and talk about Jayden's graduation. So here it is.

It was an emotional day. I can't even express enough how proud of him I am. At the beginning of the school year I was nervous. I wasn't sure how well he would adapt and he did great!!! Jayden has shown amazing progress and is such a smart little boy.

Here's a couple fun facts about Jayden during his Kindergarten year:

Teacher: Yvonne Geisel
Best Friend: Bean (Zachary)
Favorite Color: Red
Favorite Food: Pizza
Favorite Game: I Spy
Favorite Subject: Story Time
Girlfriend: Alexis

Jayden w/his friend Bean (Zachary)

Jayden w/his girlfriend Alexis - hey, they went strong all year!

Jayden w/his teacher

Now we have a fun, busy summer to look forward to and next year is when it all really starts. I've been dreading the number grades, because it's like a countdown (or should I say up) to when my baby will be going to Harvard or Yale.


Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I like her!

Who would've thought. I really like Brittney ~ if you're just joining me here, she's a sister from my dad that I've never known. She just moved here and we have formed an awesome relationship!! I think she's a great girl and while we're so different, we're so alike. Who would've thought? I'm glad I gave her a chance and can't wait to get to know her better.

I just want to give a big thanks to you, Sam, for giving me the wonderful advice. I love you and I love you for telling me like it is... always. You were in my life for such a short time, but you will forever be a wonderful friend of mine.

Brittney has actually spent lots of time here at my home helping me with my kids and my work. She's very enjoyable. She came with my Grandma and I to a water aerobics class at the YMCA (which I loved!) and they got along great as well. My Grandma is my mom's mom and Brittney is my sister through my dad... so they have no relation.

It looks like Brittney might actually move in with my Grandma since my Grandma has 2 extra rooms and is lonely. Brittney has a place to live, but unfortunately wouldn't be having her own room ~ I think this is going to work out great! Brittney might be able to find a job at the Y or somewhere else in Ashland and my Grandma won't be so lonely, I think it all just might work out GREAT!

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Heavenly Father Hear My Prayer

I'm back at Works for Me Wednesday this week.

Lately, a lot of things have not been working for me. Life has been chaotic, but things are slowly getting better. I'm working on positivity right now, and that is starting to work.... I want to share with you a prayer that I learned from my Great-grandma. It's a prayer that I have always remembered. I've taught Jayden and it is the prayer that he says every night before he goes to bed ~ of course, he adds on at the end to bless his sister Mya and asks for her back and to make sure she doesn't fall on the clouds. He's such a sweet boy.

Heavenly Father, hear my prayer
Keep me in Thy loving care
Be my guide in all I do
Bless all those who love me too

My Grandma just moved here and I went into her bathroom and she had this prayer that had been like embroidered with yarn above her toilet, which my Great-Grandma's name & the year she made it ~ 1981, which was a year before I was born.

My Great-Grandma is still alive and I hope someday my Grandma will give that to me so that I can hang it in my children's room.

This prayer works for us and to see what other things work for others head over to Shannon's blog.

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I actually tackled some things this week!

I'm a little late here ~ had a busy day, but wanted to chime in on Tackle It Tuesday

I didn't take a picture of my new office, but I mentioned a couple of weeks ago how my kitchen table was overtaken by my office. I had papers and files and it was a little chaotic. Thanks to Brittney, my sister I'm just getting to know, my office area is now in my room and it ROCKS!!! It's such a cute little area and I will get a picture of it up soon ~ maybe tomorrow. Things are filed, organized and I'm feeling on top of the world in that department.

I've also organized my spice/medicine cupboard. It was a little out of control, and I threw away old medicines that weren't needed anymore and empty spices. Feels good!!!!



Some goals that I'm going to work on tackling for next Tackle It Tuesday is:

  1. Get laundry caught up
  2. Picture frames that are lying around w/out pictures up on the wall
Simple little goals, but must be done ;)

To see what other's have tackled you could always go over to 5minutesformom.com and get some great ideas on what you should be tackling.

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10 Months Old, My Ella

Dear Ella,

Unfortunately in the midst of all the chaos that has been going on I forgot to write to you on your 10 Months and talk about all the things you are doing.

Every day I fall more and more in love with you. You crinkle your little nose and give big smiles and you are just a loving soul. You've learned how to kiss and LOVE to give kisses.

You are such a smart little girl. You have started to imitate people and that has just opened our eyes that you really are learning things ~ your brain is soaking up everything it possibly can.

You try really hard on talking. You have quite a vocabulary, and you will even tell me baba if you want a bottle. You watch our mouths when we talk and try to repeat us. You love to shake your finger and everyone telling them no! no! Speaking of no no, you know when you're up to no good! When you hear the words no no you freeze and put your head down ~ that's when we know you knew that you weren't supposed to be doing that..... like I said, smart little girl!

The walking. You definitely know how to walk, yet you're still a little scared of it. Sunday at church you actually walked a good distance. Afterwards you clapped, which you always do after you accomplish something, or hear the words YAY. I am excited for you to walk, but there's no rush. My heart is aching at how quickly your baby years are flying. I love the vibrant personality that shines through more and more every day. There's no doubt that you're definitely a Leo.

You love Jayden. When he walks in the room your face lights up and you literally squeal with delight. He picks you up a lot and you smile and laugh. It's so cute. I love how close guys are and I was so scared that with the age difference, but I think it's working out perfect.

You finally started sleeping through the night. That happened shortly after you turned 9 months. I just want to say THANK YOU!!!!! You know, your brother actually slept through the night at like 8 weeks. After the 3rd month I kinda gave up, but you have been a beautiful, sleeping angel at night and I am SOOOOOOO THANKFUL!!

You don't eat baby food anymore. I try to give you 1 jar of veggies/day, but sometimes I kinda forget. You just eat whatever we eat and there hasn't been 1 thing yet that you don't like. I can already see you and your dad at seafood while Jayden and I go eat pizza. Jayden is so picky like me, and you just are a disposal w/food like your father.

I love you, Ella. I truly feel blessed that you were sent to us and are a part of our family.

One more thing to add ~ anytime you hear music you dance. You LOVE to dance.

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Jayden loved swim camp!

Jayden absolutely loved his swim camp! I went to my first water aerobics class last night and had so much fun. We're going to go every Mon, Weds & Fri ~ I think I'm going to sign Jayden up for a couple of all day camps now that I know he did so well. They have a pirates week and they have a super soaker week (which has water slides!) I wish I had done this for him last summer.


Saturday, June 21, 2008

These cops need a makeover

Cops. My new favorite people. I talked earlier this week about how wonderful they've been to us ~ I'm happy to say that so far things have been better. Just in case they're one of my fellow googlers out there that google Amanda Garibay for the heck of it, I thought I'd post a little message to them.

I found a great place that gives great deals on police gear. You could even get some free socks if you're in need of some new boots. I know, I wouldn't pass that deal up either. I really want the police department where I live to understand that it really isn't looking good what they're wearing... they could totally be in style if they'd only go check out LA Police Gear. They could even get a new Surefire weapon light since they seem like the type that uses their weapons a lot. I'm just saying.... it could come in handy. That way when they're pulling over people in the middle of the night like they love to do (I know, it's boring here) they have a really great light!


Healthy, Fun Summer

We found a fun thing to do for the summer!! We FINALLY joined the YMCA. We signed up Jayden for 2 1/2 day camps that each last 1 week long. The first one is a swim camp from 1pm-4pm starting Monday. He will get swim lessons and learn safety things about the water. The next week he has no camp and then the following week is Swim & Gym. This one I think he will love. It's also from 1-4pm and he'll spend half of his time swimming and the other half doing gymnastics. If he does well with these then I think I might sign him up for a whole day Pirates Week summer camp. That goes from 8am-3pm....I'm sure he'd do fine especially with something soooo fun!

Yesterday we took a tour and got to see everything and Jayden saw some kids doing gymnastics and it looked like they were having a lot of fun. They offer so much stuff and I'm even excited. Mon, Weds & Fri my grandma and I are going to do a water fitness class and we're going to start doing yoga too.

I'm quitting curves. I joined, I liked it, but they have some twisted hours and it no longer works with my schedule, so it looks like we'll just be doing the YMCA thing for now.

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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Are you RVing it this summer?

Today I was driving (like always) and I noticed that there were a lot, and I mean A LOT of RVs on the road. Of course, with the summer there are many people taking their vacations and while it baffles me on how they are affording the gas for those RVs, they scare me. I honestly am so scared of the cars they hitch to the back and have this fear of it swaying right into me. I fear this with every car in some way when I drive by it, but especially with these RVs.

I found this website Hensley Arrow Advanced Towing System that has an anti-sway hitch for RVs. What a relief that would be for not only RV drivers, but the drivers on the road with them. It's important for them to feel that everything is under control, and this is an AWESOME way. A cool little added bonus is that it actually is small and lightweight ~ you know what that means, right? Oh yes!!! That means saving on your gas bill. If you're one of those lucky ones out there with your RV you definitely know that you would love a way to save on that hefty gas bill that's racking up. This could just be the answer to all your problems.

Check it out, watch the video they have and make an investment that will make your vacations better!!
Sponsored by Hensley Mfg.


My First Calling

I received my first calling on Sunday and am completely stoked about it. I got called to be on the Enrichment Committee and I will now be running the Mommy n' Me class. I feel utterly honored to be considered for this and love who is on the committee with me.

I'm going to start planning the Mommy n' Me class and hope that we can have a wonderful turn out.

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They're Watching

These babies are watching and soaking up every single thing they see. I was eating popcorn and Ella was sitting on the ground watching me. As I'd grab a piece and put it in my mouth and then chew Ella would then pretend to pick something up, put it in her mouth and then chew.

I realized at that moment ~ they really do watch and learn young. These babies are so amazing.

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Ella's Heart Story

I'm back! I'm putting my blogging once again before my marriage, my family, eating ~ yes and even sleeping!!!! Okay... maybe not that extreme, but I do apologize for my absence. Of course I missed all my other carnivals I participate in this week AGAIN, but you know I couldn't miss out on Fro' Me to You!! Make sure you head over there and check out Kristen's great blog.

I thought today I would share a couple pictures of Ella at 7 weeks old, and tell the dreadful story of the day she almost died. The day our world went spinning out of control, and the day we realized how strong God can make you in the times you need to be strong.

Ella was only 7 weeks old. It was October 4, 2007 and she wasn't keeping her food down. I thought she had a stomach bug and decided that it might be wise to take her in just to have the doctor look at her. The decision I made was weird, I never took Jayden to the doctor's for the flu, but I had this burning thing inside of me saying SOMETHING ISN'T RIGHT. I think the thing that bothered me the most was that she didn't have a fever. I wanted so badly for her to have a fever, because that meant that yes, it was just a bad case of the flu.

The doctor looked her over agreed with me that it must be the stomach bug and to only give her pedialyte. All night long Gino and I took turns holding her - she didn't want to be set down and it was a hard, hard night.

Fast forward to Friday, October 5, 2007. The phone rings and it was her doctor's nurse asking how she was doing and said that they would like to see her since it was Friday just to check up on her. I honestly did not feel like driving there, and she was starting to keep her pedialyte down, but I went. When Wendy, her nurse, came in she was putting the oxygen level checker on her toe trying to get her levels - she couldn't. She had someone else come in while she went to find the doctor, she wasn't telling me at the time that Ella's chest was retracting and there was a serious problem.... I guess she didn't want me to freak while she went to get Ella's doctor. Dr. Mills walked in and from the look on his face I knew that something was very, very wrong. I started spinning and feeling like I was going to black out. I just remember them taking Ella and running across the street with her to the hospital.

At the hospital they were trying everything they could to get an IV in her, but the couldn't - her veins collapsed. Her heart rate wasn't even registering on the monitors, and when it would I'd see numbers like 280, 300 and then nothing just plus signs. I felt alone, scared and just wanted my baby to stop crying and I wanted to know what in the world was wrong with her.

Gino finally arrived and shortly after they had the crash cart in and they were restarting Ella's heart - it worked. However, the damage had already been done. Her liver was enlarged, her organs were about to start shutting down, she needed a blood transfusion, and they wanted her intubated.

It was decided that Ella had Wolf-Parkinson-White syndrome and they wanted her in Portland where the specialists were. They had a team fly down from Portland to pick her up. It was a process, because she was intubated and they wanted an extra set of hands that could help, so my seat was taken. My baby went into the air without me. It was 11:00pm on Friday night and we had to leave our son behind and drive blindly into the night. We had a 4 hour trip ahead of us and didn't know if our daughter was dead, or alive.

The team called when they landed and informed us that all went well and they were getting into the ambulance to transport her to the Children's Hospital. Huge, huge, huge sigh of relief. We finally got there and went to her room and layed down. It was about 6am when they do shift change and the new nurse walked in and said, "This one here is awake." Gino and I jumped up so quick and ran over to her. She actually looked at us and had these eyes like she wanted to tell us about all of the horrible things that she had been through. This picture is me looking at her right after they took out the tubes.

We ended up staying there for a few days then taking her home. She continued to go in and out of SVT (fast heart rate) all throughout the month of October. Luckily I started to know the signs and could tell when listening to her heart. So, if caught in time it was easy to stop by suffocating her with a bag of ice, which I personally couldn't do. We had to take her in to her doctor's to have it done. Once we realized that her medicine wasn't working we went back to Portland to have her watched closely in the ICU while they tested another medicine that could cause heart failure, but it worked!! When she's around 6 they're going to do a catheter ablation and close the extra pathway that's in her heart.

Her doctor was telling us that if we didn't take her in to the doctor's she would have stopped breathing. Her organs were already shutting down and we would have lost our precious, beautiful Ella. I couldn't even fathom the thought. Heavenly Father kept us so strong throughout this, and I'm thankful every day for the blessings he has given us. I'm thankful that everyday I have this beautiful little girl to smile at me.
To follow Ella's story as it unfolds her website is HERE

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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

HORRIBLE Friday the 13th

If things over here weren't crazy enough, Gino has not been able to drive. Which means I have to tote his butt around everywhere. I honestly don't mind, but that added with the kids added with work added with Grandparents = no time AT ALL.

It started Friday the 13th. Gino got up for work at his usual time and left the house at 3:45am. As he was coming out of the driveway a cop flipped around and followed him. He finally pulled him over for signaling to turn at 75 feet instead of 100 feet (CAN WE SAY RACIAL PROFILING?) Ridiculous. So, Gino's wallet of course is in my purse. The cop ran Gino's name and come to find out Gino has an expired CA license. It expired on his birthday (lovely). So, Gino calls me at 4am to come and pick him up and take him to work. The cop luckily let Gino park his car and didn't tow it or give him any kind of ticket.

4am and I'm dragging my kids out of bed and not happy AT ALL. Later that day Gino takes my car and immediately gets pulled over for *hesitating*. He actually was at an intersection that makes no complete sense and where everyone hesitates. Once again *RACIAL PROFILING* Unfortunately, the news had just launched a segment on Mexican gangs in our area and we're in a REALLY small town.

So, I grab the kids and go to where Gino got pulled over and threw the race card right in their piggy faces. I'm not liking these cops very much. They weren't very happy about their accusation, but frankly, I DON'T CARE.

Proceed on to the following day..... I was driving down the driveway a cop (THE STUPID GIRL COP THAT GOT HIM THE DAY BEFORE) looked down the driveway (it's a long one) saw the car and actually pulled over so that she could see if I or Gino were driving. She then got behind me and followed me ~ I'm honestly considering harassment charges here..... again, NOT HAPPY.

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Thursday, June 12, 2008

It's the little things that keep me up late!

Why is it that I think I have everything accomplished and can go to bed and then I realize I forgot to close the lid to the washer. My husband's clothes have to be dry in order for them to be on him at 3:30am.... lovely ~ I've been going going going since 6:30am ~ I'M SO READY FOR BED!

Today we actually had a summer like day. I took the kids for Thursday Park Day to the water park and Ella didn't like it AT ALL. Jayden LOVED IT! In fact, I anticipate many days there this summer.

I was hoping that I can find a cord for my video camera before I uploaded and talked about Jayden's graduation, so please bear w/me here ~ I have some super cute pictures coming and tears to talk about.

Tomorrow my sister Britney is coming over for the first time. She's never been to Ashland, so I offered to take her there. I'm going to hire her to help me with some filing and hopefully we have a jolly day. She's a really cool girl, but I'm still a little weary of it all. I just have to keep reminding myself that I'm getting to know her as a person, not a sister right now.

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Thank you, Mya

I asked Gino the other day if he ever thinks of Mya. He said, "Not as much anymore." I thought about his reply and thought about how a year ago she was all I thought about and now a day actually does go by that I don't think of her. I've prayed many, many, many times for healing. To heal my broken heart for missing my baby. To help me to not resent my sister and my nephew. I honestly, full heartedly believe that Heavenly Father answered my prayers.

I look at Vani and I don't think of Mya. I never thought that would be possible, but it is. I even stopped wearing my necklace with Mya's ashes in it every day. Not on purpose, but sometimes life is busy and I actually forget to grab her.

I can think of her and smile and thank her for allowing Ella into our lives. If Mya never said Goodbye, Ella would never say Hello. And that right there, bring this peace to my heart and soul and I know that Mya exists, and that she's with our Heavenly Father. She was too special for this world. She came at a time that we needed her, and her purpose was served. She brought this family from chaos to love. She saved us. I will forever be grateful to her for what she did for our family.

Thankfully we have a beautiful plan and Mya will be a part of our eternal family... I know it. I feel it in my heart, and that's what gets me through this life. We will all eventually be happy, complete and together forever.

Thank you, Mya. Thank you for everything you did for your family ~ we love you. We will always love you.

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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

My Fro Head

Well, I missed Tackle It Tuesday, because I'll be honest - I DIDN'T TACKLE A THING ~ I missed Kitchen Tip Tuesday, because my poor family hasn't even had anything from my kitchen in a week, so basically I have no right to even talk about my kitchen. Works for me Wednesday ~ nothing worked for me this week - so let's just back track a little bit in life and join in on Sincerely Fro Me To You.

Notice the Fro' in this carnival ~ Kristen had an awesome Fro so that's where she came up with this title. Well, I wanted to show the world that my helmet hair headed child actually at one point in his life did have a Fro' and it was cute. I made the dreadful mistake of cutting it and now it's straight as a board.

I stumbled upon this picture on my computer just now while I was looking for another picture for Sincerely Fro' Me To You, and my heart jumped at the site. Sadly, it was only 5 years ago, but we look SO DIFFERENT! We all looked so young. Well, this is dedicated to my Jayden ~ You did have a fro' and I loved it..... and I will always love you my freshly kindergarten graduate.

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A Mama Woops

Today was long! I changed Ella's diaper tonight and got up, threw her diaper in the garbage and then went to FINALLY get on my blog and talk about how my son graduated from Kindergarten yesterday and how Ella has another tooth and all the things that I'm just now too exhausted to talk about, when..... my husband says "Are you just not gonna put another diaper on her?"

I walk in the living room and Ella's sitting there with the Xbox 360 remote right in between her legs. A part of me was secretly hoping that she would pee all over it, but of course that would never happen. No. She'll just wait until she finds a great opportunity to pee all over me.

It's official ~ I'm losing it. At least I did this at home and not in public.

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Echo Echo Ecccchhhhooooo

I know, I know, it's like there's an echo going on here, but here I am to update as to why. I've been running around like a crazy, mad woman, and things are so different with Norm and my Grandma living here.

It got to the point in only a week I was done. I was tired of it and I didn't want to leave my family behind anymore to tend to them. I know, I'm terrible. SO! I came up with a solution.....

Here is my new trusty schedule and they MUST abide by it or I pack up and move a little more North.... and I'm not kidding :)

Sunday: Church and then after church BBQ @ Grandma's house w/Norm and Grandma


Tuesday: In the morning I work - in the afternoon we go for a stroll through Lithia Park

Wednesday: In the morning I work - in the afternoon I take Norm to his massage & then we all go out to dinner


Friday: In the morning I drop the kids off with my Grandma and go to read to Norm - in the afternoon I work

Saturday: The morning is ME time ~ In the afternoon we'll take Norm out on the town for any shopping or whatever he'd like to do.

SO! That's the set schedule, but of course it can be tweeked for fun things that come up. I'm hoping that we can catch a couple of play, since that's what it's all about where we live. Can you believe that I have yet to go see a play since I've lived here.... terrible, I know.

Okay new subject: Britney

As discussed previously I've been nervous for Britney, my long lost sister, to move here. I was not ready to look at her as a sister and decided to approach her as a friend instead. It's working. She's a pretty cool person, and while we don't have tons and tons in common, we haven't had a silent moment yet. I guess the fact that we both despise our biological father is common enough huh? So, we're doing well here :)

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Monday, June 9, 2008

Family Home Evening - Getting To Know Each Other

To learn more about what Family Home Evening (FHE) is CLICK HERE. Last week I had my days completely confused and believe it or not we didn't do our Family Home Evening. This week however, we have something fun planned!! It's a little activity to see how well we really know each other. They do this for newly weds, but I'm making it fun for families too! We are all going to fill out our answers on a sheet of questions about ourselves (Jayden will just have them in his head) and then go around the room and see if we know each other's answers.

Here are our 15 Questions:

What's you're favorite color?
What's your favorite movie?
What's your favorite current TV Show(no discontinued shows)?
What's your favorite song?
Would you rather go to the ocean or play in the snow?
Would you rather be on a boat or on the shore?
What's your favorite animal?
What's your favorite thing to eat?
What's your favorite shape?
What's the scariest movie you've ever seen?
What's the funniest movie you've seen?
What's the favorite thing you own?
Where's your favorite place to go?
Would you rather go to Disney Land or Sea World?
Would you rather drink water or soda?

Happy Monday!!!

If you have question suggestions please add them in the comment section.

I highly suggest this FHE!! We had sooooooo much fun and there was much laughter doing it!!


Best New Family Site

If you're anything like me right now, you're running around with stressful household and basically, YOU'RE GOING CRAZY!!! First off, if you're looking for ways to have a stress-free home, what the heck are you doing reading MY BLOG??? I'm still trying to figure it out, but I'll tell you what ~ I think that RD.com - Parenting might just have the answers to all of our problems. You gotta love 7 Ways to Create a Happy Household.

I've been searching around on this website all morning and I LOVE LOVE LOVE all of the stuff that RD.com - Family Life has to offer their readers. They have awesome, awesome, awesome ideas for tips on traveling and I'm definitely going to be using their games for the road for any of our road trips we're going to be taking this summer.

This actually might be my new favorite website. It goes beyond family tips and goes on to health, politics, basically everything you're looking for on one, great site! So, stop stressing out and living in a unhappy home and go read some ways that you can change your family's life. Our lives are so short and we all need to be happy, and through inspirational, amazing family stories and family tips that we never thought of ourselves, RD.com will help you get to the happy place in your family that you need.
Sponsored by Reader's Digest

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Friday, June 6, 2008

Not so bad

Things have been BUSY! I must say that they're running a lot more smoother than I thought they would. Norm has taken to his new home quite well and I hope that he falls more and more in love with it here. I actually sit here writing without anyone in my house. That's right ~ PEACE AND QUIET! I sent Gino and Jayden off to the movies and Ella off with my Grandma so I could actually get some work done. I LOVE IT!!!

My sister Britney ~ the one who's moving here, sent me a text and asked if she could have a part in my children's lives. She said that she really would love to get to know them, and that kinda put a smile on my face. I liked that she asked and I'm starting to realize that while we may be different, we have similar situations. She doesn't know me and she's probably just as reserved as I am.

I'm going to follow my dear friend Sam's advice of starting out with a friendship and not a sister relationship. I'm taking a deep breath and hoping it all goes well.

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Thursday, June 5, 2008

Great-Grandma Louise

In this 5 generation picture, the old lady on the far left is my Great-Grandma Lousie, which is my children's Great-great Grandma Louise. This week's Fro' you to me I'm going to share a little story on my Great-Grandma Louise. The old lady is a wretched old woman. Notice I said IS? She's still alive.

My memories of her bring nightmares to children. She LOVED to scare the crap out of us grandkids. Here's a couple little tricks she pulled on us:

When we'd stay the night at her house, she'd put a rubber band around her wrist and tell us that if we didn't go to sleep that her hand would fall off and come get us.

We went camping once and she made Indian Stew ~ the kind where you actually bury the bag to cook it. After it was done she told us that the Indians would be back for their stew so if we don't eat it quickly they'd kill us.

She'd tell us scary stories and tell them to be true so we'd be utterly frightened to death while laying in our sleeping bags, in the wilderness, camping. I still don't understand how my mom allowed her to be around us.

There's another little slice of dysfunction in my family ~ My Great-grandma Louise.

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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Fear Running RAPIDLY Through My Veins

The phone rings, caller ID say my son's school.


"Hi we have Jayden marked as absent today."

"UM NO! I dropped him off at school."

"Okay, Mrs. Garibay, hold please."

2 minutes go by and I'm getting Ella strapped into her car seat and ready to go searching for my baby - yes, he's MY BABY!

"Ma'am, they're not in their classroom can I call you back."

Lots and lots of profanities coming out of my mouth - I'm LIVID! She gets the hint and goes to find where his class is.... and where's Jayden? WITH HIS F*&%$&^&* CLASS!

My heart is still pounding.

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Wordless Wednesday -When she slipped in his heart

Jayden was the third person to hold his baby sister (first was Mommy then Daddy) ~ he had his ear to the door waiting to hear her first cry ~ and he did.

For other Wordless Wednesday Pictures Visit 5minutesformom.com

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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Picture Scavenger Hunt

This is a GREAT, GREAT, GREAT edition of Works for Me Wednesday over at Shannon's blog. It's a "Mom, I'm bored!" Edition ~ which means, there's going to be HUNDREDS of great ideas of things to do with your kids this summer. I highly suggest checking this one out!!

I have a really strange kid, because I've NEVER heard the words "I am bored" come out of my kids mouth. In fact, as I'm sitting here I'm a little in shock with you all. HOWEVER! If he does come up with these words I have just this trick up my sleeve ;)

I actually am going to do this with him and his cousin (she's coming to visit for a week) and it's going to be SO MUCH FUN for them!!! We're going to have a picture scavenger hunt. I'm going to make a list of things that they will have to take a picture of. Jayden has a cool Vitek camera and I believe Irie has one too (if not she can use my digital camera). The plan is to go up to my Grandparent's property ~ they have many acres with lots of things I can throw into the list. They'll have to go and find the things on their lists. They'll have their own lists too!! I think they'll love it ~ Jayden especially, because he LOVES to take pictures.


Baby Fat, Baby Fat - GO AWAY!

For the first 24 years of my life I never had to worry about my weight. I ate what I wanted, when I wanted and I didn't gain a pound. Everybody hated me and now that I look back I even hate me. Ever since I had Ella I have struggled with losing the baby weight.

I'm coming to the realization that I can't eat what I want, when I want anymore. I have to stop drinking soda everyday and replace it with water, and I WANT TO GET RID OF THIS BABY WEIGHT!

I didn't know where to start and now I've found a pretty good place called Naked Nutrition Network. I've been browsing around on their website, and honestly I'm loving it! They have awesome tips on Fat Loss Nutrition and that is EXACTLY what I'm looking for.

They have a section called Mike's Blog and I have spent the majority of my night looking through it and I'm pretty darn pleased with how easy it is to find things on this website, and the amount of information that they have is great! They have some cool info on the Carb Diet that I found interesting, since I was always a little hesitant about this.

You really HAVE to go and check out this site if you're looking for a great site, that has great credibility. Come get rid of those pounds with me!!
Sponsored by Naked Nutrition Network

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What I did and what I need to do!

In my last post I talked about how it just dawned on me that it's Tuesday. Not good. So, I'm a little late here, but it's Tackle It Tuesday.

1. My main tackle of the week was keeping up with my laundry that I finally accomplished.

2. I went through all of Ella's clothes and bagged up anything that didn't fit her anymore and took it to my cousin for her to use on her baby.

It was such a busy week that's the only major accomplishments I did.

I'm going to write out some goals that I hope to have done for next week:

1. Organize spice/medicine cupboard

2. File away all of my work that has consumed my kitchen table

3. Go through my closet and bag up clothes to take to goodwill

Those are simple and very easily be accomplished. I will have before and after pictures next Tuesday :) ~ In the meantime have a very happy week!!

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Refreshing Scent

It's just dawning on me that today is indeed Tuesday. I can't believe it! I've been going around all day thinking it was Monday. I actually even forgot to do FHE last night. I had a GREAT FHE planned and I'm just so backwards on my days.... oh well.

Tuesday means Kitchen Tip Tuesday. This is something that probably the whole world knows about, but it was news to me. Since it was news to me I'm hoping that it will be news to someone else. Whenever you peel an orange dropped the peelings in your garbage disposal and they will make a pretty orangey smell. You can also do this with lemon, but I prefer orange peelings.

For other great Kitchen Tips head over to Tammy's Blog ~ And have a beautiful week.

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I really am done. I have been going going going and going since 6am. We got Norm moved into his home, my grandma moved into her home and I haven't felt this tired in a REALLY long time. I know I've been full of rants lately, but I have to go at it again.

Why is it that men HAVE to have 1 up on you? Why can't they just for once shut their mouths and sympathize with you with whatever problem you're having? Why can't they just for once at least pretend like they sympathize with you?

I just got home, sat at the table to feed Ella and said, "I am so exhausted!" That was not an open invitation for HIM to start comparing with me. He looks at me and says, "YOUR tired?" In that tone - you know the tone, the tone of I'm more tired than you. The most annoying aspect of my husband is the comparing game ~ he works harder, he's more tired, blah blah blah UGH!

I know he's tired! I wasn't saying he wasn't - but was there really a need for the comparing game?



Vroom Vroom Vroom

During the day I sometimes find myself getting a little caught up with online games. When you've been working all and your brain needs a break from the endless data entry, or customers blabbing PLAY SLOB'S RACING!!!!! It is the coolest racing game that I've found online ~ and I LOVE racing games. It definitely will get you hooked and speeding throughout your day. These little SLOBS are awesome.


Monday, June 2, 2008

A Slice of Family Dysfunction

I thought I'd elaborate a little on an ingredient in my soup life that makes my family dysfunctional. As has been stated before, I have a dad that has 4 daughters with 4 different women. My father has been married 4 times. My current step mom is 2 years older than me. She's different and I find it kinda funny that out of all the women in my dad's life she's stayed with him the longest. From my calculations, they got together when she was 17 ~ yes, that would mean I was 15. I told you ~ DYSFUNCTIONAL!

It's situations like that, that make me happy I wasn't a big part of his world ~ or should I say that he wasn't a big part of mine. I'm working on things here, and she's a big issue with me. I don't really care for her, because she lies. She doesn't even seem like a girl to me. She acts just like my dad, and she's a drunk. She's drama and she loves to gossip, and those 2 things are definitely things that I try to stay away from.

However, she called last night. My phone rang and when I saw who it was I just stared at my phone for a minute contemplating what exactly I should do. I decided that if she was calling ME then if must be some emergency, because ever since I've moved here it's been a little obvious that she didn't care for me much. So, I answered it.

This is how our conversation goes....

"OMG, Amanda! You are not going to believe what Alyssa (my 15yo sister) did."

I sat there thinking - OMGosh is she seriously calling ME to gossip. Is she seriously that immature? It's been baffling me today and what Alyssa did is really what all 15 year old girls do - she went to the movies and had a boy meet her there.

I promise I really am going somewhere with this. I brought this odd conversation up with my husband and he told me something that I didn't want to hear. He actually told me to appreciate that she's trying to make an effort with me. Hmmmm..... Well, I really don't think that calling me to gossip is a great way to make an effort with me. Why is that he just can't feel how I feel and agree when HE'S SUPPOSED TO AGREE? I guess that's why I love him.

I never thought I had issues with my dad and his whole dysfunctional family situation, but I'm learning that I really do. I want to put up a brick wall and pretend like they don't exist, but is that really the right thing to do?

My friend Sam left a comment earlier that I've been thinking about all day. She made a point with my sisters that I don't have to replace Jessica with these girls, but form different bonds with them. Why is that so hard for me to do? Why is so hard for me to accept that I actually have other sisters out there and they actually would love to be a part of my life? It's not their fault that our dad is a loser. Yet, I'm still feeling reserved with this.

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It all goes down today

The big change is happening today. Yesterday I felt like I was shopping for my first house and it was SO MUCH FUN! We're getting Norm's room homey for him. We bought plants and flowers and picture frames and everything you'd need for your first apartment minus the furniture. They're supposed to be here tonight, so we have a lot of decorating ahead of us. I'm hoping he walks into his new apartment after living in his beautiful home for 45 years and can put a smile on his face.

I do feel extremely honored that Norm has chosen to spend his final days with me. I've been thinking about all of the things we can do with him. In Ely all he did was sit in his house and just hope that people would come to visit him. Not very fun. Here's a few things that I have planned for him.

1) I want to start reading to him ~ more than likely articles out of the Ensign

2) I want to take him to Lithia Park so he can bask in the beauty ~ this will probably be an every other day experience for him ~ I love Lithia Park!

3) I'm going to see if the missionaries can come to visit him weekly

4) We're going to take him to church with us

5) I'm going to go over and have him tell me stories of his life and write them down ~ his life is an amazing one.

6) We're going to go for walks around his community ~ they have a beautiful duck pond that his room overlooks.

7) I'm going to go play bingo with him w/the rest of the people in his community ~ he wouldn't just go and do this on his own and I really want him to get social with people.

I just want him to enjoy his life. Norm has never lived his life in an enjoyable way. It's always been about work, work, work, work! Even on Christmas ~ that man was working.


Sunday, June 1, 2008

Where would you choose?

I'm just going to go ahead and assume that all of you lurking readers (yes, I see you all non-commenting lurkers ~ I still have love for you though) watched USA Network's new original series In Plain Sight with me today. Right? I'm sure that you really loved it and are anxiously awaiting next episode.

This new show got me thinking about how it might be pretty cool to actually go into the Witness Protection Program. Have you ever thought about just restarting your life and having a fresh start? I guess there really is no better way than to go this route. If I were to ever have to ditch my life and happily sadly get put into the Witness Protection Program, and only if my kids and sexy mexi were allowed to come, I think I'd like to be relocated to Maine. Why you ask? Simple. Look how peaceful this picture is. I don't even have a clue what Maine is like, but something about this picture makes me think this would be the place. Maine intrigues me and I always thought it would pretty awesome to live there.

Sponsored by USA Network's new original series In Plain Sight


2 Beautiful Miracles

I wanted to share a story that I believe is the most amazing blessing from our Heavenly Father. I have many friends that are struggling to get pregnant and my heart literally aches for them. I'm hoping that hearing a story of such amazement will put some inspiration and hope in their hearts.

There's a couple in our ward that comes to church every Sunday with twins ~ 1 boy and 1 girl. They tried for years to get pregnant and had no luck. No luck at all. Sister Smith was I want to say 50 and stopped getting her period. She went in to the doctors and figured that she was starting menopause, and to her surprise she was pregnant with twins. I wonder how it felt to be sitting in that doctor's office and hearing that news. Hearing that the one thing that you've been praying and pleading for has come true. Not at all when they expected, but it came true and Heavenly Father answered their prayers with what they wanted.

Her husband is in his 60's, she's in her 50's and the babies are 1 1/2 ~ maybe 2. I watched them in church today and I saw the most amazing patience in their eyes with their 2 miracles that they waited a lifetime for. It's amazing how our Heavenly Father works - absolutely amazing.